I woke up this morning feeling a little under the weather. I had a scratchy throat, a runny nose, and itchy eyes. I had a cup of coffee, and went for a stroll outside in hopes of feeling better. For most of the morning I spent my time online getting registered for school for the up and coming semester. As time passed, I began to feel worse and some things with school began to stress me out.
For dinner, I had prepped green beans and ground turkey, and while eating, it just wasn’t satisfying my taste buds. I think this was due to the fact that I wasn’t feeling good, and we all know that greens aren’t the most appetizing when sick. I decided to fix me a grilled cheese with a side of Doritos (much tastier), even though it took up most of my remaining macros for the day. Well, I went back to work on my computer and once again was having problems with my registration that began to cause a bit of anxiety. I rarely get anxious, but when I do, my face becomes extremely flushed and just like many, my go-to is food. I went back into the kitchen, whipped up another grilled cheese, this time with cheese curls, followed with a handful of lemon cookies. I picked up a bag of white powdered doughnuts from the cabinet (remember I’m at my moms house that has all the goodies), and asked my mom if I could open them. Well, don’t get me wrong, my mom would give me anything in this world from her house and while she looked at me and said, “of course you can,” in my head I heard her saying, “you can, but I know you’re gonna be so upset at yourself if you do.” I didn’t open them. I took a moment, and thought to myself; Ok, I can eat this, which would be considered at this point as binging, and feel miserable, or I can chalk up the meal that I just had, as my cheat meal for the week. Granted, I had my heart set on fish and chips this weekend, but you know what… in that moment I used food as a crutch, but I didn’t go overboard and turn a moment of weakness into a binge. Now, I can wake up tomorrow and not feel ashamed or like a failure, and I can continue my week without frustration or ‘starting again next week’.

Why do I share this? Because I am human! I am a coach and a nutritionist, but I am a person that has moments of weakness as well. I have had many clients over the years that share their weaknesses and binge eating with me and its only right that I share mine as well.

The lesson here, is that every moment of weakness doesn’t have to be looked at as a failure. I could’ve opened that bag of powdered doughnuts, and if I did, I probably (lets be real, I would have), eaten half of the bag. I was a terrible binge eater in my past. I suffered from a terrible relationship with food. Thats why I am a nutritionist and currently studying dietetics. I overcame that battle, and my passion is to help others too as well. But no matter how strong a person is, there will always be moments of weakness. Learning how to resist those moments, overcome those moments, and push past those moments without self-destruction, is when you win!

Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 7.26.53 PM

Hello Monday 💜

Its a New week! New opportunities!! New goals!! New blessings!!

My morning began with much needed coffee in my new mug ☕️💀

Mom and I planned a trip over to Georgia today to hit up Hobby Lobby and Party City to grab must haves for my nieces baby shower in a few weeks 💙

Keeping it casual in my super soft model citizen tee from Etsy.


I knew that we would be out and about during lunch, so I packed a meal that would keep me from chick-fil-a 😛
(rice and shrimp sautéed in coconut oil, topped with almonds)


This afternoon I got in my daily squat and lunge session. #airsquatharderthanme 😝
I was glad to see I still show signs of a baby tricep after not lifting in what seems like months!


For the evening I am cooking eggplant that I will mix with ground turkey and top with organic pasta sauce, to be followed with a vanilla protein bowl (recipe provided in the video below).

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 3.07.59 AM




Happy Monday!!!! 

Be productive! Set Goals!! Chase Dreams!!! 😘

Hey Everyone!! I hope you all are having an amazing weekend! 

Every morning for me begins the same way. Coffee ☕️ and a snap filter. I still don’t snapchat, but I absolutely love the filters. 


The weekend has been great. I finally got my first post-op cardio session in Friday morning. It was cool out because there was an overcast, so I didn’t worry about getting too sweaty. Granted, it was only 15 minutes and my heart rate never broke 125 bpm, but mentally, that 15 minutes was everything!!

Even though I am still confined to a sports bra, as of today, I finally am able to put the button-ups away and go over the head 🙆 Yay!

As For Training….My workouts for now still only consist of body weighted air squats and lunges. Each day the totals are slightly increased and I am currently at 200 per session.


Nutrition is still being tracked meticulously. It is hard-Extremely hard. I am at an irritatingly low caloric intake being that my competition was only 6 weeks ago, and I am now unable to train or complete cardio. To put this into perspective, think about this….The week before my competition I was at an extremely low caloric intake and spending at a minimum, an hour and a half on each workout, along with an hour of cardio a day. Now, at only 6 weeks out from that, AND post-surgery, I have not been able to reverse diet long enough for my body to acclimate to an increased macro count, nor am I able to complete cardio or weightlift, so my body, if I’m not extremely careful, will add fat immediately if given the chance. There are days where I don’t hit each macro count perfectly, but with each day it gets easier to get back into the routine.


Yesterday, was a girls day…

and we spent the entire day shopping.

When unpacking the car, I realized that I may have a shoe addiction. 
Before moving to Korea almost five years ago, I gave away every piece of clothing that I owned, every pair of shoes and handbag, except for what I could fit into two suitcases. To get an idea of how much that was, my closet was 20′ X 20′ and stacked to the maximum. So, I think my husband will agree that over the last four years, I have been giving it my best to rebuild and revamp 👠👟👢


The rest of my weekend will consist of client check-ins and catching up on my reading material.


Hey Everyone!!

Well, today marks one week since my surgery. Recovery is going great. I have been so fortunate that my pain has been extremely minimal, to be honest, almost non-existent. My only nuisance thus far has been my stitches. My first surgery, my incisions were made underneath the breast, so this time, the same incision sight was traced to prevent further scaring, and the location can become a bit irritated toward the ladder part of the day. 

The last two days I finally ventured out of the house. My mane was in desperate need of some attention, so my sister was kind enough to share her  appointment time and her hairstylist with me💜 Omgosh, I adored her hairstylist!! She was the sweetest, cutest thing and did an amazing job on my highlights 💁 

Today, was my first day driving and mom and I did some running around town. I was on a mission to find a new sports bra. Since increasing my cup size, finding a bra that has a circumference small enough to fit my torso, has been a bit of a challenge, but I finally found one 😁


The highlight of my day was a Skype session with the bestie. We haven’t seen each other in over year. I was hoping to get to meet up with her while here in the states, but my schedule isn’t allowing for it 😩 

While wrapping up the last few days, I am beyond pleased with my physical recovery, but I will be honest- mentally, it is a bit of a struggle. Not being able to workout is a tough task for me. No way would I risk sabotaging my surgery, so any physical exertion is out of the question, but it is extremely difficult. 
Each day, I add in a few more air squats and stationary lunges and next week, I will incorporate low intensity walking in the morning while the temperature is still cool enough to prevent sweating (until my stitches are removed).

While I manage to keep my nutrition in check, there are days of course that I consume more than I am able to burn. I have to remind myself this was a choice, these are the consequences, and in the end, a few additional pounds won’t sabotage my overall goals. 


I will say, this downtime is allowing for creation of an extensive training program for myself, that in 6 weeks, I will be more than eager to slay!

Happy Humpday Y’all !!!!!

Hey you all!! The weekend is over for most and its back to the Grind. I hope everyone will face the week with confidence and a positive mindset!
For those that constantly look at Monday as a fresh start, to begin a training program, a diet, or any new task; that day is today!!! Stick to your goals this week, so you won’t have to keep repeating the cycle each week! Begin today, continue throughout the week, and if you stumble, dust yourself off and keep going. Quit using Monday as a reset button. 

My weekend was fairly low key. Since my surgery, I have spent most of my time  working from my bed and catching up on Netfix 😁  I have felt really great so far, except for yesterday, I spent a lot of the day feeling nauseous and couldn’t shake my tension headache.


This morning I woke up feeling good and began the day with breakfast🍴 Eggs and brown rice scrambled in coconut oil with avocado and coffee ☕️


After breakfast I completed 25 air squats, which felt like 100 due to my muscles being super fatigued from muscle relaxers… Baby Steps👣



For my surgery, I had to remove all polish from my fingernails and toenails. For weightlifting purposes I always keep fairly short nails, but they are ALWAYS painted. I picked up this sample pack from T.J. Maxx the day before my surgery to last me until I could get a nail appointment. So, painting my fingernails was the biggest task of my day.



As I mentioned before, weightlifting is out of the question for 6-8 weeks; therefore, nutrition is everything. The post-op medications that I am taking have definitely created digestion complications, so I will be cutting out wheat, most grains and dairy for the next few weeks.


I hope you all have an amazing week!! Do something this week that you can hold your head high for 🌸

Hey you all! Happy Friday!!

My morning began around 7am and I had breakfast at the hotel. I really wanted a waffle, but remember, the next 8 weeks I can’t workout, so a clean diet is crucial.

I had 2 hard boiled eggs (minus the yolk), 1/2 of a wheat english muffin and 1 Tbsp of peanut butter.
I spent a couple of hours this morning completing client check-ins from the bed while icing up ❄️ and waiting for my post-op appointment.

My appointment with the surgeon was great. We were both pleased at the unveiling of his work 😉


Soon after, mom and I were back on the road, headed home. I couldn’t ask for a better caretaker than my mama. She makes certain that I take all of my medicines on time, keeps my ice bags constantly filled and makes certain that Im not lifting anything I shouldn’t.💜 Moms make the best nurses.

I was prescribed walking by my surgeon at the top of every hour, so for our ride home, this meant a handful of pit stops. At stop number one, after my walk, I had meal number 2:  Ground turkey and broccoli with a mix of potatoes and brown rice with almonds.

At stop number two, I had a snack: Carrots with the other Tbsp. of my peanut butter pack with a sprite zero.


After getting home I had dinner and a protein bowl:


My evening was spent in bed working on programming for clients…

I am so thankful for my mom and that my pain is at a minimum!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!

Hey everyone! 

Well, surgery went well (thank you Lord 🙏) and so far so good!!

My mama is the best nurse I could ask for!!!!


Immediately after surgery, I scarfed down a pack of peanut butter crackers and a coke zero. Even coming out of surgery, my first thought is, wheres the food😝


We got back to the hotel and my mom went a got me Chicken Salad Chick🐣 It is the most amazing chicken salad. If you’re ever around South Alabama it is a must try! I also had an oatmeal raisin cookie, but a 1/4 of a cookie doesn’t make for a pretty food photo.


Now it is time for meds and then bed 💊😴

Those poor weightlifting calluses will be gone in no time 😩

Hey you all 🙂 Todays blog post is one that I contemplated revealing to everyone; however, after much thought, I decided that I would share this journey.

At the age of 20, I decided to get breast implants and now, I am going back for a second procedure which will entail switching from a Saline implant to a Silicone Gel, as well as, increase the overall size. (spare me your opinion if you don’t agree, this is my body and I will do what I want 😉)

I decided to share this journey because this surgery will force me away from weightlifting for 8 weeks. For someone that hasn’t taken over two days of rest in a row off for for years, an eight week hiatus will be an extremely difficult physically and mentally.
I am not too worried about losing muscle. It takes about 3 to 6 months for you to lose your muscle size. The muscle fibres no longer need to store the same amount of energy, so they shrink in order to reduce energy wastage. When reactivated, they can return to their original size fairly quickly. Muscle Memory.
Nutrition will be everything for the next few weeks. Everyone has heard that abs are made in the kitchen, or you can’t out train a bad diet. These words speak absolute truth. Due to the fact that I can’t lift for eight weeks. I will be meticulously counting each macro.

So, it you’re interested in seeing how the body responds to diet alone, then continue to follow as I share my  nutrition throughout recovery.

Off to surgery 😷

How BIG is your BRAVE?!

The words “I can’t” are often spoken with fear of failure. These are words that you will never here from Kat Regalado. As a military spouse, I met Kat while both of us were stationed in Aviano, Italy. Kat would occasionally join my 0530 CrossFit Class and we became friends. After a move back to the states, Kat messaged me and asked me to be her coach. I told her it wouldn’t be easy. I told her that I would give 100% but she had to be 100% dedicated as well. I knew that Kat had the willpower and determination within her. I set her plan and week after week, check-in after check-in, changes were made. Not only was Kat seeing physical changes, she found a passion for this lifestyle that would forever change her.

After weeks of seeing major results, Kat decided that she wanted a goal. She had always dreamed of competing in a bikini-fitness competition and that is what she set her mind to do. As her coach, I knew this dream was attainable, but as a friend, I knew this meant that at times I would have to be crude without “sugar-coating” anything. She never once thought of throwing in the towel. Competition prep requires a dedication that most people will never understand. It is a commitment that some call crazy. It not only takes determination, diligence, and perseverance; it takes bravery. Of course bravery to walk across a stage in front of hundreds of strangers, a panel of judges, critiquing every inch of your body (and from the most unflattering angle at that!!!!) – But it takes bravery in a sense that you have to overcome not only physical changes, but mental changes as well.
For Kat, to lose the weight that she lost and completely transform her body, was astonishing to those following her on social media; however, what people don’t always see, are the mental transformations made. Kat would have days in posing practice that she would feel like the old Katie inside. Any competitor (or anyone on a weightloss journey), has to overcome these mental setbacks, and that she did. She would go in the gym the next day, push harder than the day before, and leave those feelings of self doubt there on the gym floor.
With each Instagram post or Facebook feed, Kat was constantly inspiring others that had goals of transforming. She found her Brave.

If you follow Kat on Instagram @katlifterchic (I suggest doing so if you need inspiration), then you will see this has become her lifestyle. It hasn’t been an overnight crash diet- It has been macro-managemnet and constant implementation of healthy, whole foods.

While transforming ones body like Katie has, is 80% diet…dedication in the gym is a must!! You won’t see this girl lifting five pound pink dumbbells; however, what you will see her doing is squatting and deadlifting, without fear of becoming “too big.” She knows that in order to attain a lean, toned physique, it takes heavy- lifting, hard-hitting training sessions, each and every time!

While Kat is an independent, powerhouse of a female, she has the support and love from her three favorite men. Her husband and two boys.
Rod, her husband, an amazing supporter, has stood by Katie through every step of her transformation. To be the competitor in training for a show is extremely hard, but to be the supporter at times can be even harder. Husbands have to endure bouts of hanger and random emotional breakdowns, often without understanding why we do what we do- But Rod, being an amazing husband never questioned Katie’s journey. He held her hand, often prepped her food and constantly praised her productivity. It takes a strong and supportive man for a woman to live this lifestyle and compete in this sport, and Rod has been the epitome of a supporter.


Thank you Kat for not only being an amazing friend, but trusting me week after week as your coach. I am so proud of you ❤️ You are so Brave.

Hey you all!!
The last few days have been busy-busy!!


I have still managed to keep my training totals up, even with every single session being at home/outdoor workouts this week.


I finally made it downtown to my favorite little coffee house this week. I spent a good portion of my afternoon at The Spot on Thursday, journaling gibberish while catching a good caffeine buzz. It has the coolest vibe and is just a great, chill atmosphere. I had a Sugar Free caramel latte with almond milk (for my fellow macro counters, this totals to an estimated 2P/5C/2F).


I guess you could say that Im a bit excited to have so many carb-free Monster options while being back in the states. (Please people, spare me the lecture of how energy drinks will rot my insides). We all have our guilty pleasures from time to time, at least Im not chasing it with Vodka; although a good vodka-tini does sound quite refreshing 🍸


Friday night, the whole family met up at Ruby Tuesdays for dinner. I LOVE their salad bar!! I do have to be careful, just because its on a salad bar does not make it macro-friendly. The pastas and croutons are a weakness that I have to be aware of. I allowed myself for about a 1/2 cup of pasta and I have a little thing that I do with croutons to make sure I don’t go overboard. I will pick up each crouton one by one, and by the time I am at 5 or 6, I feel pressure from the person behind me to movie it along 😂 Hey, whatever it takes!


Saturday morning I got up early and went for a quick 3 mile run, followed with  food prep for the weekend. My family eats out A LOT (5 meals on the weekend alone to be exact), and within 3 weeks of being here, I have dined out more than I have in the last year. No matter how healthy you order at a restaurant, it will never be as healthy as when you prepare it for yourself. Not only are the menu’s nutrition facts an estimated total; the few nibbles here and there from each appetizer, or the sodium filled condiments used to prepare your food, and the pure temptation alone can be overwhelming. So, this weekend I made the conscious decision to eat every meal at home.

Also on Saturday, I had a great friend/client take a trip across the stage for her very first bikini competition!! That deserves a whole separate blog entry in itself, so keep a lookout for that inspiring story!!!

Well, as I sit here typing away, I smell the aroma of bacon frying from my mothers kitchen. Im gonna go mix up some eggs with a side of asparagus and a coffee the size of my head.
Happy Sunday!!! Count your blessings!