Good Morning 💜

I was up this morning at 5 to see Wesley off to work. Soon after I had myself a bowl of oats and eggs for breakfast (also my pre-workout).

I headed out into the garage for a stellar shoulder workout.
●BB Push Press
●Single DB Strict Press
●Banded Upright Rows
●Front and Side Laterals

For today’s post workout meal I had a protein shake immediately after, and then I had half of a bag of Steamables Mediterranean Mix🌱

I had to work in the salon today, and I wanted to be comfy, but still put together,  so I tossed on an oversized box dress with some tights and over the knee boots with a messy topknot and a bold lip.


I had my usual low fat cottage cheese, apple and peanut butter while at work, as well as a pretzel pack with coffee ☕️

Once home from work I fixed dinner: chicken and low fat cheese on corn tortillas with broccoli 🌱

I hopped online this evening for a bit and then……


😳 Look whats back!!!! PROTEIN ICECREAM!!! I was a bit munchy tonight and needed a bit more protein and fat for the day, so I made myself an oldie-but-goodie 💙. I used BPI’s Snickerdoodle protein and topped it off with Cocoa powder, PB2 and cashews.

If you missed my tutorial on protein ice-cream 🍦Click below:



Happy Tuesday!!!!

Good morning Monday 💜
Mondays can be stressful. Often people head back into a work environment that they’re unhappy with. Take time today to make this Monday one of the good ones!! Walk into work and demonstrate the power of a positive attitude and see how much faster you get to your goals!! Today can be a day of beginnings and new starts! Take on this Monday with positivity and momentum, and carry that throughout the week!! 💕


I began my morning at 5:00 am. I got Wesley’s bag packed for the day, but didn’t realize I forgot his breakfast until mid-morning (😞). Once he got off to work, I laced up my reeboks and hopped on the eliptical for a 20:00 cardio session. I didn’t lift today (due to my girly time 😝, which explains those chocolate chip cookies last night), so I fixed myself some breakfast: An egg omelette with peppers sautéed in olive oil with corn tortillas.

I took a trip to Walmart for a grocery haul after breakfast and grabbed the usuals. Once back home I was checking emails and reading for class.

I paused for lunch: egg whites, broccoli, a corn tortilla, and a sweet potato topped with cashews.

I headed into the salon at 2:00 today. I wore a super casual ponytail, which set the mood for my outfit -A vintage tee that I grabbed in Indiana years ago, a J.Crew blazer (best investment ever), a 10 year old pair of Buckle jeans and leather, black on black Chucks.


I didn’t have a whole lot of free time at work but I managed to squeeze in my usual low fat cottage cheese, apple and peanut butter. When I got home I was super hungry, so I fixed some kale chips, and chicken with low-fat cheese on a corn tortilla.

I spent the evening on the computer completing check-ins. I fixed some oatmeal topped with strawberries, cashews and a squeeze of sugar free syrup, with a glass of almond milk for my late night snack.

Wesley and I piled up to watch a movie and I lasted 5 minutes 😴 Happy Monday❤️

Good Morning 💕 Happy Sunday!


It seems like it has been a really long weekend- and I am probably the only one saying that! I guess because Wes and I both worked yesterday and today as well.

We were up and at it again before 6 and Wes was out the door soon after. I had my normal overly large coffee followed with some am cardio. Following cardio, I had myself a banana and protein shake. I took off from lifting today, so my morning consisted of cleaning house.

Wes left the house this morning and forgot his lunch, so I had one of his wraps for my lunch. I took out the turkey and spinach and heated it stovetop and heated the wheat tortilla and low-fat cheese for a good crunch. I added a side of carrots and it was delsih!

Yesterday at work I had a client that had freshly colored (purple) hair and after shampooing her, my fingernails were stained terribly. I had time before work so I threw on a quick coat of polish 😜 It looks terrible, but it will do. I am in desperate need of a mani!

I opted for a hat as opposed to curling my hair today 💂

Work was super busy. I took a protein bar, low-fat cottage cheese and an apple (the apples I got were the tiniest apples ever!!!) Wes was like, “really?”😂 My thought process was that normally I cut half and put the other away. Then it turns brown on the edges and and that’s more to cut off, and thats even more wasted. It just makes me giggle thinking of Wes, this manly-man at work with his teenie-tiny apple 😂 .

I got home this evening and Wesley was home ❤️.  I had a few clients online to check in with, and then called it a day. After dinner Wes and I shared some chocolate chip cookies  🍪 and called it a night 🌛

Happy Sunday!

Good morning dolls 💜



We got started early on this Saturday morning- Wesley and I both had to work today- Wesley earlier than I, so as he headed off, I jumped on the eliptical for some cardio.


My cardio this morning was at a moderate intensity on the eliptical (40:00), fueled by BCAAs.


Immediately after, I mixed up a protein drink with 1 scoop of BPI snicker doodle protein and amino’s with a banana. I had half of my drink and all of the banana consumed before my warm up was over, and then had the rest of my drink throughout the workout.



Today’s workout:
Warm Up: full Body Bar cycle
•DB Clean and Jerks
•Kneeling DB Curl and Strict Press
•BB Clean and Jerks
•Squat Hops (between each full set)
•Pull Ups
•Dead Hangs

After my workout I had a bowl of oats mixed with protein powder, topped with strawberries outside on the patio ☀️

Soon after lunch I was off to work. I opted for a messy side braid today- I added a couple of clip in extensions for a little added length.
*photo on the left has no filter and the photo on the right is snapchat filter.


In between clients today I ran next door to Del Taco and had a shrimp and avocado taco (yummy 🍤).  I was out of work at 6 and made a grocery store run. My evening has consisted of being online and checking in with clients. Now I am just waiting on my hunnie to come snuggle and call it a night🌛

Happy Saturday❤️

Good Morning 💜

I woke up today without any obligations. I was off from the salon, so after waking up and getting Wesley’s bag for work packed, I piled up to watch youtube a bit while sipping my coffee and sending out emails. I spent the first hour of my morning chatting it up on the phone with my mama playing catch up.

I made myself a bowl of oats topped with eggs and hot sauce while watching Wendy William’s Hot Topics..

After breakfast I made my way out into the garage for a lifting session. I didn’t have a workout planned for today, so it ended up being a full body workout.
•Full body bar warm up cycle
•BB Overhead Strict Press 3×10
-Single DB Overhead Squat 3×10
•BB Upright Row 3×15
-DB Thrusters 3×8
•Pull Ups 3×10
-Sumo Squat 3×10
•BB Good Mornings
Follow with:
:10 rounds of dead hangs
+ Jump Rope

For my post workout meal I had a protein drink (BPI Snickerdoodle) and a plate full of fruit, with a dollop of yogurt and sugar free chocolate pudding 🍓🍌🍎

Most of my day was spent organizing in the garage and cleaning our leather sofa.

I got most of our entry room complete; however, we have two extremely large art pieces that we still have to get matted and framed and then, it will finally be complete.

I paused mid-day for a luck break on the patio: Kale chips, lettuce wraps and zucchini pasta (absolutely photo worthy).

After what seemed like five loads of clothes and twenty-five runs up and down the stairs, I called it a day. I had an afternoon snack while sitting outside listening to Spotify.

Now, it is Friday night and Wes is working late, so I decided to pop this bottle of Alaskan Amber and turn on some Netflix.

Happy Friday ❤️

Good Morning 💕

I was up and at it beginning around 6:00 again this morning. I had my usual coffee, eggs, and oatmeal and then I headed into the garage for squat day.

I began my workout with a full body bar warm up cycle that took about 15-20 minutes. Leg day focused primarily on high bar back squats and front squats. I superset each squat set with push ups (tricep isolated) and DB Overhead tricep extensions. My workout took about 1:20 today, so I didn’t add in any cardio.


Following my workout I had more eggs and oatmeal and threw in a few strawberries 🍓

I was feeling my booty pump 🍑 and decided to sport the skinny leathers 👖for my Walmart run.


Once back home I fixed myself some lunch: A wheat wrap stuffed with turkey and low-fat cheese with a side of kale chips- soon followed with peach Greek yogurt. This diet A&W kept staring at me in the checkout line, so I decided to splurge on some fake sugar.


This afternoon I unpacked our final box (YAY!!!) I spent most of the evening organizing and doing laundry.


I had every intention on cleaning our leather sofa to get our entry room set up, but after organizing cabinets, I decided to take it to the patio for dinner and work on programming a while☀️


Now it is getting late and I had my last indulgence for the evening (snicker doodle protein mixed with almond milk), so its time for bed🌛

Happy Thursday💜

Good Morning dolls 💜
I was up once again around 6 this morning, checking emails and having my normal two cups ☕️☕️. After breakfast (oats and eggs), I made my way out to the garage where I focused solely on deadlifts and pull-ups.


I began with a full lower body warm up. My warm ups are a combination of the movements I will be preforming throughout my workout using Body Bars. I have three different sizes of body bars, 9-pounds, 14-pounds and 20-pounds. So before my lifting program for the day even begins, I warm up with each bar. Today’s warm up was as follows:
•25, 20, 15 Romanian Deadlifts
•25, 20, 15 Traditional Deadlifts
•25, 20, 15 Good Mornings
•25, 20, 15 Sumo Deadlifts
*each movement above is completed using each body bar.
My warm up probably takes me about 15:00 before each workout
For my workout today I superset Deadlifts and Pull Ups.
•Romanian Deadlifts / Pull-Ups
•Traditional Deadlifts / Pull-Ups
•Sumo Deadlifts / Pull-Ups
•DB Deadlifts / Pull-Ups
You could say that my grip was shot at the end of this workout!!!


After my workout I had a usual post-workout:

After a quick shower, I threw on some joggers, a hoodie and a cap for a quick grocery run (I look so hood 😝). I had to pick Wes up a couple of things for work.

Before getting myself ready for work, I made myself some lunch: a wheat tortilla with turkey, and green beans topped with low-fat cheese. I also finished off my leftover steam-able bag of rice and veggies.

The salon was rather slow today until the last couple of hours, so I used my downtime to study for a nutrition exam tomorrow and play with snap filters 😝

This particular one had me contemplating bangs for a good 5-minutes…

I had my usual apple and peanut butter, cottage cheese and yogurt at work today, but on the drive home I felt so hungry. As soon as I got home I was fixing up dinner: Chicken, sweet potato and green beans. This chicken is a first for me. I found it at Smith’s this weekend. It is all white meat chicken that is finely shredded and you simply take out the serving you want and heat it in the pan for 5 minutes. The macros are amazing and it tasted fresh-it didn’t have that rubbery pre-cooked chicken texture either 😝


I am about to  unpack our final box labelled “kitchen” and call it a night 🌛.

Happy Wednesday ❤️

Good Morning Y’all 💕 I was up a little later this morning. I slept in until 6, so I felt revived!

After a couple of cups of coffee ☕️☕️ and breakfast (eggs and oats), I headed into the garage for a shoulder session.

It felt so good to finally have my wrist wraps back!! Wes has offered several times to get me more for those heavy shoulder days, but I knew I had at least 3 pair coming in our shipment. My shoulders were on 🔥 this morning!!

After my workout I had a protein drink and Greek yogurt while on the patio checking emails and then I unpacked a couple of more boxes (it’s slowly getting there).

For lunch today I had brown rice mixed with veggies and legumes. These come in frozen steam-able bags that you can get at any grocery store now and I ❤️ them!! The protein to carb ratio is great and if anything, toss in a scrambled egg and its a complete meal!


I had to be in the salon today by 1:00, so after lunch I was getting ready for work (in between snaps💕)

I really love the salon that I chose ❤️. I am so blessed that everyone is easy going, easy to communicate with, and most of all- Fun! We have a good time. The music is always poppin’, were always dancing and singing, and I feel that I’m always smiling. It is such a blessing 🙏


Once home this evening, I checked the mail and a wonderful friend of mine, Haley, from Alabama sent me a card- congratulating us on our new home 💜 so sweet!! I have the greatest friends in the 🌎.

Now it is 8pm and I am fixing dinner (chicken, peppers and corn tortillas). Soon it will be time for bed.  I hope you all had a wonderful day today!!

Happy Tuesday!!

Good Morning Y’all!!
I have been a busy, busy girl!! Between work, online clients, meal planning, and school, things are already busy enough, but then add a 5,000 pound delivery into the mix and it makes for a chaotic household 😳

Yes! Our things finally arrived earlier in the week and it has been like Christmas everyday thereafter with each box unpacked 😁


Of course our Squat Rig was one of the first things unpacked and put to use!!

Amongst the chaos, we did have our first night out Saturday with some friends. We went to the casino for BINGO night. We didn’t score big with Bingo, but Wes and I made our way into the table area later in the night and Wes managed to walk away with a pretty decent win, $1500. I may have been awarded arm candy fees 😉


Work at the salon has been busy 💜. I got called in Sunday because a client decided to attempt an at home bleach job 😳 She came in panicked and hiding under a baseball cap with carrot top orange roots. She had her heart set on a soft mocha. It was a three hour process and while I wasn’t 100% satisfied (I am my worst critic), she left with much better hair than what she entered with! She was thrilled and could go back to work Monday morning without a baseball cap!

Since I went into the salon Sunday for a color correction, I didn’t wash my hair. Sunday is typically one of the 2 days that I shampoo throughout the week, but instead I clipped in a couple of extensions, threw in a braid, some curls and a headband and called it a day 🌼


So, today when I went into the salon, my hair was a bit flat- An hour before closing up shop, Yvōn (another stylist), offered to give me a good scrub and blow-dry. He has magical hands!! I love a pumped up swoop bang 💁


Once home this evening, I worked online a good 3-4 hours programming for clients. Now it’s time to pile up and get ready for a new week ahead!!!

Happy Monday 💜

Good Morning 💜

Do you ever have those mornings when you wake up, you automatically feel aggravated at everything? I had one of those mornings.While fixing Wesley’s lunch, I dropped a couple of things on the freshly mopped floor, spilled my coffee all over the counter and realized I never hit start on the washing machine where my intended workout pants for the day were hiding. This aggravation carried over after breakfast, into my drive to the gym. While driving, I knew if my mindset didn’t change, that my workout would receive less than my best. In the words of my favorite comedian, Bianca Del Rio, I screamed out loud, “Not today Satan!!” I cranked my workout playlist as loud as I could and began to shake whatever was trying to hold me down. By the time I pulled into the gym parking lot, I was ready to workout…and that I did!

I began with lower body isolation to warm up the muscles and joints:
5 sets each: 10-15 Reps:
• Single Leg Extensions
• Double Leg Extensions
• Leg Press (using the assisted pull up machine)
• Abductor Machine
Followed with:
5 Rounds:
• 5 Deadlifts
• 5 Front Squats
• 10 KB Swings
• 20 AMSU’s (abs)
Followed with:
5 Rounds:
• 5 Deadlifts
• 5 Clean & Jerks
• 10 KB Swings
• 20 Weighted Russian Twists (abs)
Followed with:
5 Rounds:
• 10 Overhead Walking Lunges
• 20 Leg Drops (abs)
Followed with:
• 25 Hang Snatches
End With:
• 10:00 Cardio
• 10:00 mobility/roll out/stretching

I got back in the car and had my usual post-workout banana and BPI snickerdoodle protein and began to chuckle 😂. That was one of the most intense workouts that I have had since before my surgery back in the summer!! What if I had allowed the day to continue without trying to shift my mindset? What if all day, I allowed that dark cloud to burden me? I refuse!! I wrote a paper in college two years ago, “The Power of a Smile.” Since writing that paper, it is a constant reminder that you have the power to alter your mindset, and it’s as easy as smiling and refusing those negative feelings. It’s pretty simple actually, but how often do people wallow in the negativity and allow it to affect their entirety…not this girl- I have too much to be happy about to let spilt coffee get me down!

Once back home I showered up and fixed myself some lunch: Green beans, chick peas and boiled eggs.


I headed into the salon at 1:00 today with my Farrah Fawcett inspired hair 💁

I flipped through a couple of Cooking Light magazines while waiting for my first client in hopes of creating a few new recipes…

In between clients I had a snack break: greek yogurt and peanut butter

I was at the salon until 6:30. Once home, I had the same exact meal for dinner as I for lunch.


Now it’s time to do a bit of reading for school and call it a night 🌜
Happy Tuesday!!