Good Morning y’all 💜
I was up early this morning- seeing Wes off to work, checking emails, and getting work in.

I had some breakfast to start the day: Sautéed peppers in olive oil with eggs.

Followed with a trip to Armstrong McCall Professional Supply store, where I feel like a kid in a candy store. I purchased hair color to finally fix these roots I have going on 😜.

Once back home I had a pre-workout lunch: oatmeal and eggs, and then I was off to the gym for a back and biceps workout. I had prefer to not do arm workouts (or at least have that as a main focal point during a workout), I prefer to follow a workout with a couple of isolation/burn out sets; unfortunately, due to my surgery I lost some size everywhere, so for the time being, biceps and triceps get their own split.
Today’s workout was a bit shorter being that I had no big lifts (compound or Olympic lifts), 1 hour + 10 minutes. It was heavy back movements superset with  biceps. Each movement would begin with a lighter weight for 12-15 reps and each set I would increase the weight for 8-10 reps (4 sets total). My headphones took a shit halfway through my workout, so I skipped the post-workout cardio today.

Once back home I was online, checking in with clients. I love when my clients send me pictures and updates! My client Stephanie has roommates and is limited with fridge space, so that means doing prep every few days, but always puts in the work! Michael has lost 7.5 pounds and is just into week number two 😁 It makes me so happy!!!!

For an afternoon snack, I had spicy tuna with green beans and crackers, soon followed with dinner, brussels and shrimp.

Tonight, while getting a jump-start on reading materials for school next week, I had a loaded snack plate (this seems to be my evening go-to at the moment): apple slices, greek yogurt and peanut butter, with carrots and hummus.
Seeing that tomorrow has a wake up call of 4:00 am, its time for bed.
Happy Thursday!!!

Morning Y’all 💜

My morning began at 5 am with coffee the size of my head.
I fixed Wesley breakfast, packed him a lunch and off to work he went.


I spent most of my morning standing at the computer in the kitchen getting homework assignments complete (I will be super happy when my desk comes in). School this semester will be no joke. I had 3 assignments due immediately in both classes to start off the session (but I ❤️ it). I can never gain too much knowledge in nutrition. If I weren’t doing homework in my free time, I would be online, reading scholarly journals, studying food trials and assessments anyway. It’s funny how were all so different, isn’t it? To some, I assume the thought of studying nutrition is such a bore, and to me, the thought of studying oh, I don’t know, solar energy…blah, where some find it to be oh-so-fascinating. I guess thats what makes the world go round.

After schoolwork I had breakfast (oatmeal and eggs), and then off to the gym. Today’s workout focused solely on shoulders and rear delts, followed with Abs.

Todays workout = 1 hour + 39 minutes
•10:00 Warm-Up on the elliptical
•Seated Overhead DB Press 4×10
superset with
•Standing DB Front Lateral Raises 4×10
•Seated Incline DB Press 4×10
superset with
•Standing Free Weight Front Lateral 4×10
•Alternating Side Lateral using Cables 4×12 each
•Alternating Rear Delt Flyes using Cables 4×12 each
•Seated Rear Delt Flyes 4×8
Followed with:
50 Burpees + 20 Minutes on the stairmill
Ending with:
•8 rounds of Tabata: Full planks with high and outside knees
•8 rounds of Tabata: Low planks with high and outside knees
(these set my Abs on 🔥 and my shoulders were screaming)


Today’s post-workout: BPI’s snicker doodle protein and a banana 🍌

The gym is the only place I went today. Once back home I did some more studying, cleaned the bathtub and sinks in our bathroom, and did some laundry.

For dinner I had a bag full of zucchini pasta, green beans and ground turkey.


This evening was spent piled up with my love watching Netflix. I had a snack plate to finish off my macros for the day- apple slices with peanut butter, carrots  with hummus, and greek yogurt with pistachios.

Today is a good day ❤️

Good Morning!
I was up early this morning at 5 am- fixing breakfast for Wesley. Soon after, I was tackling my to-do list for the day.

I had intentions of starting the day by coloring the roots growing from my wig, but realized my hair color is sitting somewhere in the Atlantic with the rest of my belongings from Italy- so, I opted for a shampoo and style (as opposed to a ponytail).

After breakfast (eggs and cauliflower), I was headed out the door to the Nevada Board of Cosmetology (good thing I fixed my hair 😜). Most of you know that I have been a licensed cosmetologist as long as I have been a CPT (15+ years 😳). I sold my hair studio in Florida back in 2013 just before moving to Korea. I don’t think its something that I want to pursue full time, but I wouldn’t mind finding something to fill time with a few days a week, while still in school.


On my way back home I scooped up this Kevita, sparkling probiotic drink. Anything with a sweet citrus flavor mixed with cayenne, count me in to try! I give it two thumbs up for sure! It definitely has a kick to it 😜.

Once back home I had my pre-workout meal: eggs and oats.

I decided to go ahead and begin my program today. I feel that I am beginning to get in a better routine and although I am still not exactly at my pre-surgery totals, following a structured layout should get me back to (or just under) where I left off with my compound lifts and Olympic lifts rather quickly.
Here’s a rundown of a typical session (today’s workout):
•10 minute cardio warm-up (eliptical)
•10 minutes of warm-up sets (today was traditional deadlifts, so I warmed up my hips with lunges, air squats and skill work with the barbell)
•Deadlifts (increasing weight each round):
1×10, 1×10, 1×10, 1×10, 1×8, 1×5
•Overhead Squats: (skill training) 3×10
•Front Squats (increasing weight each round):
1×10, 1×10, 1×8, 1×5
•Pause Front Squats (2 second pause in the bottom): 3×3
•5 minutes on the stairmill + 20 Burpees + 5 minutes on the stairmill
•10 minutes of mobility and stretching
My overall time in the gym was 1 hour and 37 minutes. That is typically my allotted time to complete a full workout.


After the gym I had to swing by the commissary for a few groceries..

By the time I got home I was starving. I popped a bag of zucchini noodle steamables in the microwave, and ground some turkey and dinner was ready in 6 minutes 😁.

These things are so convenient and tasty and are easy for tracking as well! The macros for the entire bag are perfect for my post workout macro prescription (25P/ 50C / 5F)

After dinner, I got in some reading for school and had one more snack to finish off the day: greek yogurt, apple slices, carrots, peanut butter and chicken bites.

Now it is time to grab a quick shower and hit the sack 😴.

Happy Tuesday ❤️

Happy Monday 💜
Cheers to everyone having a four-day weekend!

We were up and at it early this morning, and off to the gym we went. Today was a cardio and mobility only day for me due to stomach cramps (thanks mother nature 😫). I knew it would be a rather light session, so I only consumed BCAA’s this morning beforehand.


Once back home, following cardio- I had peppers, onions and eggs for breakfast.

While sitting out on the patio eating, I realized that we had a lot of lemons that were beginning to weigh down some bottom branches on the trees, so I did some lemon picking 🍋 I had to throw a handful out due to them getting a bit soft, but I think I will collect a few small baskets to leave on our neighbors doorsteps 😉.  #whenlifegivesyoulemons

Wesley spent most of his day off in the garage playing with our cars, but paused for a lunch break. I fixed him a whole wheat wrap with spinach, pork and light cheese and I opted for ground turkey and broccoli.


I saved my carbs for after lunch- greek vanilla yogurt topped with pistachios, so yummy!

This afternoon we made a Target run ❤️ and picked up a cart full of randomness: leather wipes, night lights, protein bars, nuts and tampons 😜. I scooped up a smart water and a protein bar for the ride home.

This evening I checked in with clients and did some reading ahead for class tomorrow. I had one more snack for the day: egg whites topped with peanut butter and a side of broccoli (yes, I realize that this is an odd combo). For those that know me and have followed me for a while, I eat for a purpose and according to my macros, so if that means combining foods such as this, thats what I do 😁. For dinner I had ground turkey and cauliflower topped with hot sauce.


Today was my first day back to macro tracking. Since traveling so much the first week of the new year and being on the road, I ate intuitively. Today, I didn’t look at my totals as I tracked, I just logged all of my meals and wanted to see where I was in comparison of where I should be. Today’s totals were significantly lower than where I should be. I am sure that was mostly due to the fact that it was an off day, because when I lift, believe me… I can eat like a linebacker!!

Well, now it is time to pile up and get ready to get back to reality tomorrow.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” -Martin Luther King, Jr.

Well, we are officially here to stay ❤️ Within ten days I can say with confidence and assurance that I will love it here!

Although we are still not quite in a normal routine, every morning has begun the same. We are up with the sun between 5 and 6 am, and getting ready for the gym.

Breakfast has been a pre-workout fuel source, so it has been routinely the same: peppers sautéed in coconut oil, with eggs and a side of oats, or apple slices, egg whites and nut butter with a side of oats.

As for training, I am not yet following a specific program. I have basically just been allowing my body to get comfortable being back in the gym on a daily basis since traveling and moving- two days a week for overall lower body, two days for complete upper body and then two days for Crossfit and cardio and one complete off day. I am hoping for the upcoming week to get back to logging lifts, incorporate more Metcons and get a jump start on the program I laid out for myself at the end of the year.


Earlier in the week, our furniture on order got delivered, and it is absolutely perfect- the bed sleeps like a dream ☁️. Now, just a couple of more weeks and our things from Italy should arrive 💜

We were holding out for our overseas shipment before buying things that we really don’t need, but after 10 days of having only a TV in our bedroom, Wes broke down yesterday and brought home a 75″ Sony. My mind is seriously blown each time I am introduced to a new tech-savvy “smart” device (I sound old 😜).  I watched the first two episodes of the Netflix series, The Ranch with Ashton Kutcher, Hilarious!!!!


We managed to get in a trip to the grocery store this week for a full grocery haul. I can’t begin to stress how in love I am with the room in our refrigerator! We can now finally have more than 3 bags of frozen veggies at a time, and more than a 6-count of eggs!

While making a Target run for sheets and candles, Wesley scooped me up a Soda Stream. He knows that I became a Frizzanté freak when living in Italy. I love it and I use it every single day 💜.



I would have to say though, the highlight of my week has been my car ❤️.
My entire life before moving overseas I have always driven Jeep Wranglers. Once in Italy, I began driving a BMW. I never took myself for the “car-type,” but I saw this 645CI and I loved it! She has some miles on her, but she is a bad B! ❤️ The BMW that I drove in Italy was old and had well over 200K miles, but I drove the shit out of that car. While Wes was deployed I drove it to several countries and never feared a breakdown. They’re well made vehicles and this one, with a V8, 4.4L, 325 HP -she will scoot! I just love her!


Next week, Wes goes back to work, I start back to school and the schedule begins. I wouldn’t say that I live a life day in-and-out that is completely structured, but I do prefer some sort of a routine throughout the week. I am excited to get back to class, to work, to tackling goals and to daily blogs 😘.

Good Morning from Las Vegas!!

We have officially been in our new house for 3 days now! It is so surreal and so exciting, and I feel blessed beyond words ❤️.

I will spare you all from the picture overload in one blog post, so each day I will add a few pics of our new home ❤️
Two of my favorite “accessories” are: the refrigerator and our two lemon trees in the back yard 🍋. We also have two pomegranate trees, but apparently those are more productive in the spring and summer.

Upon waking our very first morning, we headed straight for the gym. I had heard friends in the military speak of how incredible the base gym is here and I had seen pictures, but nothing prepared me for just how amazing this gym is!! As soon as you walk in there is an Olympic size swimming pool (heated), a full Alpha Warrior training rig, a full CrossFit area, row after row of machines, free weights and benches, and enough weightlifting platforms that one should never have to wait! I definitely grinned a few times during my workout with excitement over this new playground 😬.

My first workout of the new year was lower body (of course 🍑).
4 sets of each (increasing weight/decreasing reps):
•Power Cleans (from the hip)
•Romanian Deadlifts
•Back Rack Reverse Lunges
•Back Squats
To End With:
•100 Walking Lunges (with 12# DB’s)
Three days later and I am still sore!!!

It is so nice to finally, be back in the kitchen food prepping!!!

Yes, we are eating off of paper plates. We did invest in a new Circulon cookware set, but until we are certain on a color scheme or motif, paper plates it is.

We spent our first two nights sleeping on a blow up mattress in the floor and yesterday we spent most of the day furniture shopping. Lets just say that the furniture store had a café and Wes had to take a snack break 😂. He has probably never spent 4 hours at one time shopping for anything. He was amazing though, and we purchased our bedroom set, our sofa for our main family room and our coffee table.

We had one afternoon that was full of “sight-seeing.” Wes’s old roommate from way back (who lives 5 minutes away), took us out and showed us around locally. Literally within 15 minutes, anything that you could possibly want is available. It absolutely blows my mind at the healthy, “fast food” options here! We have managed to try a couple out already. I can tell by one visit, that my new favorite on-the-go café will be Greens & Proteins 🌱 Incredible!!!!
I had a Greek bowl that was full of ground turkey, tomatoes, zucchini, olives and low-fat cheese, and Wes had the chicken tacos with a smoothie. This bowl was the best thing that I have eaten in a long time!! It was so much food that I was able to eat half for lunch and the other half for dinner. Well worth the $11.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 8.02.50 AM

Las Vegas and our new home are incredible!! I cannot wait to see whats in store for us here💜.

Good Morning!!!
After 1900 miles and 36 hours, we made it to Las Vegas!!❤️

We woke Monday morning with intentions of hitting the road bright and early, but the roads were still a bit slick and decided to wait one more day.

Tuesday morning we got up and Wes planned our route home. It would have been 1-2 hours quicker to travel west through the northern US, but being uncertain of the driving conditions, we opted for the southern route.

When we left Lafayette, IN it was negative eight (brrr) ❄️. We made one final pitstop at my favorite store downtown and I scored a super cute cross body bag and then we were on our way.


Our first major city to pass through was St.Louis. It was my first time seeing the Gateway Arch which was pretty cool.


We scooped up breakfast at quickie mart that was joined with McDonald’s, so I opted for the egg and cheese burrito and of course, coffee ☕️


Within a few hours we were passing through St. James, Missouri and I had to take a snap of this billboard 😂. Apparently, its a pretty well-know spot, because once I posted it on my Instagram (tiffanymitchellmull), I had numerous responses of how amazing the fudge actually is 😜.


At 700 miles we reached Tulsa, Oklahoma…



Once into New Mexico 🌵, there was not a lot to be seen. There was a pretty famous (or so it said world famous 😜) store, Clines Corner that we stopped at. It was full of souvenirs and hand crafted Indian creations (beautiful jewelry and blankets). I managed to walk out with a historic route 66 coffee mug and a bai thirst quencher. We took a few minutes here to stretch our legs and move around outside ☀️. With a temperature of 44 degrees, it felt like summer coming from -11 in Indiana!


Once in Texas we decided to call it a day. We had made it over halfway, and we were in desperate need of a bed. The next morning we were up and at it at 8 am and ready to complete the second half.


It seemed like we were never getting out of Texas and then we finally reached Arizona.


We had a few hundred miles to cover before finally reaching Nevada, but the excitement carried us through!!!! Finally, just before 6pm we made it!!! 🎉



So many people sent us positive energy and prayers for safety throughout our travels and it is greatly appreciated!!! ❤️

Now, cheers to kicking off 2018 with positivity, prosperity and purpose!!!

Good Morning 2018!! Happy New Year!!!!!

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 5.19.55 AM


I have received many emails this last week regarding New Years Resolutions with inquisitive minds seeking out my personal list.

Last year, I decided to stop making resolutions and opted to create a vision board. This way I didn’t feel pressure of immediately tackling a list of goals and feeling like I failed if I slacked off by February. My board was a creation of goals that I wanted to reach by December 31 of the year, so I had 12 months to “make it happen.” My board was posted in my home gym and every single day I was forced to see it, and envision the goals that I had set for myself.
How did it go? Some I achieved and some I wasn’t able to meet- and thats ok too. I had a multitude of things: First and foremost, I had a picture of Wes and I from a triathlon I completed four years before, and he was kissing me after the race with my trophy in hand. I used this as my vision for a strong and supportive relationship. Our relationship is stronger now than it has ever been! Don’t get me wrong, I give God all of the glory for my successes in everything I do, but I believe that God created a universe that works by our ability to “create our greatness” through the power of belief, faith and positivity. I also included a picture of myself with my CrossFit crew and envisioned wrapping up my final year coaching with the guidance and ability to help others reach their goals. The day that I left, my crew presented me with a plaque that each had signed, many listing goals and PR’s reached throughout their three years. This goal was met!! 💙
I envisioned completing a Spartan Tri-fecta, which began as just that, three races in one year. What I initially envisioned, turned into a Tri-fecta (+an additional race), with each race being in a different country (pretty f#cking awesome if I do say so).
However, as I said, some were not met. I had a vision of earning a pro-card in my WBFF bikini competition, well that didn’t happen. I fell two spots shy, but even still, I walked away with a 3rd place title and didn’t feel disappointed with my placing. I had a vision of finally reaching a 300 pound deadlift and fell shy by 30 pounds. I had a vision of reaching PR’s in my snatch, but opted for breast augmentation instead (ok, I call that a win 😉). As a whole, 2017 was an amazing year! I feel that I accomplished and achieved greatness, and overall, I ended the year feeling proud.

This year’s board, as of now, is a list that is stored in my iPhone. I will begin creating my board once we are in our new home💜. For 2018, I envision SO MUCH GREATNESS 🙏 . At the center of my board will be my family. My vision doesn’t stop with my own personal goals, it includes the desires and wants of my family as well. Secondly, our home. We have been extremely blessed with the ability to move to our desired location and purchase our dream house, and my desire is to create an actual home filled with serenity and love (and with the most perfect of walk-in closets😉 -hey, visions include any desires of your heart and mine just happens to include a glam-closet).
I don’t have a personal goal set at the moment regarding competing; however, what I do know for certain is, whatever I choose this year, whether it be competing in bikini, competitive weightlifting or racing, I will bring my best self! I envision a successful final year in school, followed with an amazing location of internship. I envision growing my clientele and continual growth in guiding and coaching. Most of all, I envision a daily practice of self-love and self-awareness. Loving yourself is acceptable. It is ok to walk with your head held high and exude confidence, but awareness of how you act, speak and overall self-presentation is crucial.

Self-love without self-awareness is useless (that one took me a few years of practice).

Good Morning From Lafayette, Indiana ❄️❄️❄️

We left out on Wednesday morning from my moms in Alabama-headed north to see Wes’s family in Indiana. The entire drive we continuously watched the temperature drop from the 40′s to negative digits 😳. We got in around 1:00 am and immediately hit the sack.

Thursday morning we woke to a solid 3 inches of snow!


We spent most of the week’s mornings lounging with Wes’s dad, Donny Dee-catching up, drinking coffee and trying to stay warm while watching the Price Is Right and Frasier reruns. We did manage to battle the cold everyday for lunch. I kept it mostly on track until New Year’s Eve and then allowed for a couple of indulgences: Culver’s fish and chips and white castle (no, its not better than Krystal!)

A couple of our afternoons were spent taste testing at some of Don’s favorite local spots for happy hour 🍺 and our evenings were spent much like the mornings, bundled up, watching old classics 💙

We did venture out Saturday on a 4 hour trip to Ann Arbor, Michigan, which was just as cold. We visited some more of Wes’s family and squeezed in a movie..Jumanji (HILARIOUS 😂)

New Years Eve we were up and at it early. We headed over to Wes’s Uncle Jerry’s house where we spent most of the early afternoon.

This was Uncle Jerry’s home bar 😳. He and his wife ran a local liquor store for 15+ years, so the range of his collection was quite impressive. He made certain that we had a private bourbon tasting of some of his favorites to celebrate the end of the year.


We decided to keep it low key this year for our New Years Eve celebration. We figured after 4 years of celebrating in different countries, this year it would be nice to dial it down a bit (not to mention it was -11 degrees and almost intolerable!!) We kept it close to home at a little dive called Lefty’s. We rang in the new year with Donny Dee and about 15 of Lafayette’s locals 🎉. By 12:02 we were headed home and by 12:30 I was snoozing away 😴.

While Indiana has been a great time, you better believe that unless it is a must, I will not being coming back unless its summer time!!! You can keep your -11 temp and frigid snow!

Happy New Year!!! 🎉

Good Morning from Alabama!
Happy Birthday Jesus❤️❤️❤️
Screen Shot 2017-12-25 at 6.21.06 AM

Fort Payne, Alabama is Stop #4 on our list 🎄

We drove up from Florida on Saturday to spend Christmas with my family. ❤️ This is the first time that we have been home on Christmas in over 4 years, so it was a huge blessing! We arrived in the evening and spent that time just catching up with my mom, step-dad and sister. My poor sister is on the back end of the flu after two weeks of being sick and my mama is probably the sickest that I have ever seen. Bless her heart, it has hit her hard. She has had four shots and still not well. She has followed us around non-stop with the Lysol can and hand sanitizer worried of getting us sick, but nothing was going to stop me from seeing my mama this Christmas!

Immediately my mom gave me packages that had arrived from my team, BPI. Merry Christmas to me. Even on vacation they make certain that I am well stocked. 💙

Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 5.57.17 AM
Thank you BPI 💙


Sunday morning we got up and mom was in her doctor gloves whipping up a breakfast 😷 (she really is a warrior). She made eggs, sausage, and cinnamon rolls and made certain that I had oatmeal available for a healthier option.💜

Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 5.35.56 AM


Being that it was Christmas Eve we spent most of the day lounging around in our PJ’s just hanging out. This is my favorite time with my family. My mom always apologizes that it’s so boring in this little town, but for Wes and I, doing nothing is a nice change.



The family gathering for Christmas is usually held at my moms on Christmas Eve; however, this year with mama feeling so bad it was best to post-pone. We have a lot of little ones in our family and it was best to avoid the possibility of anyone catching the flu bug 🙊. I kept my eating on track throughout most of the day, (breakfast above), a 6-inch Subway veggie sandwich for lunch and a salad from Jack’s in the evening (which my sister and I would refer to as, bummy). It was iceberg lettuce 😠 and a couple of tomatoes. I brought it home and doctored it up with some croutons, light caesar dressing and cranberries and cashews. I will be honest though by saying that I snuck into my moms snack cabinet for some peanut butter cookies, and chips with salsa later in the evening.

The peak of the day was meeting my sister’s boyfriend, Lee. I had heard all about him and to see my sister so happy makes me so happy! He fits in well with our family and I am excited that we are now stateside to see them more often.



I was the first to rise on Christmas morning and it had been two days since I had got in any type of workout, so I laced up my Nikes for a quick little run- and quick it was (about 20 minutes). It was so cold outside and my lungs were on fire, but it was better than nothing at all! ❄️

Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 6.25.01 AM


I decided to fix breakfast this morning since my step-dad said he would like an omelette. If I can fix anything for breakfast, I can handle eggs. After breakfast, we were opening gifts. Lets say I am a blessed girl and was absolutely spoiled❤️💜



On Christmas night we took a trip to town to see if anything was open – Huddle House was our only option. It may have taken 45 minutes for us to get our food, but it was sure worth the wait!! A bacon cheeseburger with cheesy hash browns for the win! Christmas Splurge!!

We woke up the next morning eager for a workout. We found a local gym and got in a stellar full body workout.

Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 6.58.27 AM
Intra-Workout: Best Aminos and Bcaa’s

Following our workout we hit up chick-fil-a for my all time favorite market salad.



We spent the evening piled up on the couch reminiscing with my mom and step-dad.

It is now Wednesday morning and mom and I just got in from the doctor. I couldn’t take leaving and knowing that my mom was still sick. My sister and I asked her to please go back to the doctor one last time to make certain that she wasn’t dehydrated and was on the path to getting better. The doctors assured her that she was not dehydrated and didn’t need to go for fluids, so that gave me the peace I needed to begin packing.

We will be back on the road within a couple of hours and making the 9 hour haul to Indiana to see Wes’s family 💙.