About Me

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Hey y’all, my name is Tiffany. I am a southern girl, born and raised in small town Alabama. I grew up riding 4-wheelers and go karts down old dirt roads, and while my music genre of choice has shifted a bit since high school, my favorite band will always be The Alabama Boys. I played sports in my early teens, but it was year 2000 when my fitness journey truly began. I became a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor, and started out teaching boot camp and spinning classes. Soon after I began training for my first triathlon, and became obsessed with the capabilities of the human body when pushed to its limits. Within a couple of years I was presented with the opportunity to purchase the gym I trained at, and it’s been a continuous grind ever since. In 2006 however I decided it was time for a new adventure, so I sold the gym, packed up my Jeep and headed toward the beach. I moved to Destin, Florida where I fell in love with my husband and the sport of CrossFit.

After seven years of beach life we were off to Osan, Korea. I dedicated all of my time to training and studying and began competing in fitness competitions. Competition prep revealed to me that a tailored diet can completely manipulate the body’s aesthetics. To feed fuel to the fire of my competitiveness, I began Obstacle Racing. This passion for adventure led me into over 20 incredible racing adventures, in four countries, on three continents.

After a stay in South Korea, we were off to Aviano, Italy where I faced my biggest adventure to date, coaching CrossFit. When I initially began the sport it was a few months before leaving the U.S. a year prior. Uncertain if I would be able to find a CrossFit box in Korea, I decided to take the coaching course myself; at least this way I would feel comfortable knowing that I was performing each lift accurately enough to keep me injury free. I continued to study and practice CrossFit solo by following the workout of the day posted on the official CF website. When we moved to Italy, the military base was looking for another CrossFit coach (oh yeah, did I mention that’s why we move around so much, my husband is military). I shadowed the coaches for a few months to make certain that my solo training had given me a good foundation to build upon, and when they were relocated I took on coaching and programming for the next three years. My time in Italy was spent racing, competing and coaching, and in between I squeezed in some school work. I decided to use my time overseas to go back to school. My fascination with food and nutrition led me into the study of Dietetics.

We currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada where I create customized meal plans and training programs for those looking to create healthier habits. Most of all I strive each day to simply become a better human.


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