About Me

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My name is Tiffany Mitchell-Mull. To understand me, is to grasp the understanding of my primary passions- Competition and Coaching.
In 2000, upon completion of my first triathlon, I became obsessed with the capabilities of the human body, when pushed to its limits.
I had the opportunity to train under an Elite Ironman Triathlete, who coached me and taught me the ropes of racing. The sport of duathlons, triathlons, half-marathons and ultra cycling became not only a passion, but became a way of life.
Within two years, my coach retired and I was blessed with the opportunity to buy the facility and become a trainer/racing coach myself. However, a few years later, I decided it was time for a new adventure. I sold the training facility, left everyone and everything I knew and moved to the beach. Being a girl from a small town, in the middle of the bible belt, one can only imagine the night-life scene I got wrapped up in when exposed head on. Training took a back seat to partying, and that was only when I could pull myself out of bed, from the previous nights craziness and force myself to the gym for a half-ass workout, just to go out again. Finally, waking up one morning and feeling like hell, hungover from the vodka and redbull from the night before, 6 ibprofin later, tingling fingers of dehydration and a reflection in the mirror of a girl that I no longer recognized, enough was enough….
I discovered the sport of Crossfit and my life was forever changed.
After a move to Osan, Korea, I dedicated all of my time to training and studying and began competing in Fitness competitions. Competition training taught me discipline and the understanding of nutrition, through the process of application.
To feed fuel to the fire of my competitiveness, I began Adventure Racing. This passion for adventure has to led me into over 20 incredible racing adventures, in four different countries, on three diverse continents.
Currently, I live in Aviano, Italy where I face my biggest adventure daily…coaching. I am a CrossFit coach to the United States Military on Aviano Air Force Base.
I began coaching as a platform to inspire, but rather I am the one who is inspired by those that I am so fortunate to coach everyday.
This fitness journey is what helps keep me somewhat on the right path. I am human and I make many mistakes. I have personal battles to fight daily..But overall, I live my life with the fight to keep climbing and the desire that I may influence others by simply being the best version of myself that I can be.
I am humbled in knowing that this body is borrowed and its limits are, well…uncharted-

Positivity creates confidence. And to believe that you will succeed tends to silence the voice of self doubt. This for me as a coach is primitive. To instill self-confidence, which in return yields greatness.

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