Weightlifting changed my Life

Weightlifting will change your Life..If you let it.

Weightlifting can change how a woman both defines beauty and feels about her body. I remember once thinking beauty was a picture of a skinny woman on a magazine. Boy, has my perception of beauty changed over the past few years. True beauty is strength, being fit and confidence in yourself.

Like most females, I was originally motivated by trying to be skinny. That wasn’t getting me anywhere!! With Weightlifting, I set different goals. My focus on numbers shifted from that on the scale, to numbers on the Barbell. Rather than concentrating on a loss of five pounds on the scale, my goal was to take a 210LB Deadlift, to a 220LB Deadlift.

Once I began putting in the work, focusing on a sport rather than focusing on ‘being skinny’, everything changed! My body changed! Even with my weight increasing on the scale, and a gain of 2 inches on my ass, I couldn’t have been happier looking in the mirror. The confidence of knowing the strength my 135Lb body far out weighs the feeling of being 125LBs trying to get to 120LBs by spending numerous sessions on the eliptical!  There is great accomplishment in looking in the mirror and being satisfied. Unfortunately, a lot of women can’t relate.

Through Weightlifting and CrossFit, I have become more confident, stronger and fitter. I am humbled by this sport and forever grateful how it has changed my life.

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