Yes, I am obsessed

Yes, I would say that my Lifestyle is a bit of an addiction.
I do 2-3 workouts a day depending how I feel.
I take my own baked tortilla chips to Mexican Restaurants.
I may have to meet you out in gym shorts because I am coming straight from a workout, as you sit in your skirt and stilettos.
The stench of my tuna in water may be appalling as I eat every couple of hours.
Yes when getting a manicure, I ask them to NOT scrape off my callouses.
I will spend 200$ on a pair of lifting shoes, and for my heels hit up the bargain rack at TJ Maxx (ok not always:)
My must have at all times is a ponytail holder.
I get upset if I’m not sore the day after a workout.
I spend way too much money on supplements.
On a road trip I will have to stop every hour for a pee break while drinking from a gallon jug.
I will take many selfies because I inspire myself.
I may ignore you in the gym as I’m in my zone.
I get irritable if I haven’t eatin in a couple of hours.

Why do this to myself?
Well, answer me this…
Are you completely satisfied when you look in the mirror naked?
Because I am;)

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