(this was a question I received from an anonymous follower and wanted to share)

Hi Tiffany, I have been following your blog since I ran across some of your youtube videos. I too participate in Crossfit. I sometimes catch shit for doing Crossfit and find at times I let it bother me. What do you think of people that bash the sport?

First of all, Thank you so much for following my blog:)
So…What do I think of Crossfit bashers? I really don’t think about it at all. It’s not worth my time.
There are ‘meat heads’ as they are called, that bash CrossFit, and there are Crossfitters that think CrossFit is Gods gift to sports. Personally, I think for anyone involved in the fitness industry to bash anyone’s choice of activity, shame on them.
Some people lift weights for mere appearance and could care less about their overall health ironically. There are people that can leg press 1200 LBS, but can’t run a mile in under 10 minutes to save their life. There are people that can walk 200M on their hands, but can’t squat an Oly Bar. There are people with past injuries that can’t participate in anything more strenuous than a brisk walk or a bike ride.
Point being, anything is better than nothing at all. Let the a$$holes look like a$$holes.
And…to you I say, with all do respect, suck it up buttercup:)
Who gives a s#!t what anyone thinks anyway. My friends that don’t participate in CrossFit give me hell constantly about being ‘gung-ho’ CrossFit and poke fun. I joke about it too. It’s all in good humor.
Besides, you and I both know it’s a BADASS sport 😉
Just do you my friend!

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