Spartan Training

Rucking-there is no better way to train for an off road, all terrain race.
A 3-mile run followed by an hour hour and half of unbroken Rucking downtown, through the alleys and hitting every set of stairs along the way.

I didn’t know where to find bricks last minute for my ruck sack, so I improvised. A 30LB dumbbell wrapped in a shoebox..


Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 9.39.33 AM

The Spartan Burpee Challenge is a challenge to complete 30 Burpees a day over a period of 30 days for an overall total of 900 Burpees. I agreed to take on the challenge and in true Spartan form, to complete the challenge within one week. I set a plan to complete 150 a day within a single workout for six days, allowing for one rest day. At the end of each session, I always felt I had to add an extra ten to push a little more. So on day six, I completed my usual 160 and decided to add 25 more since it was my last day:)
This morning while finishing up a 5K, I thought to myself..15 more would have been exactly 1000- Damn’t!! Needless to say that my run ended with 15 Burpees:)

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