Go Ruck

Waking up this morning, gearing up my Ruck, I realized with my new pack, I had to wrap my weight differently to accommodate. Setting me back on my time, I didn’t thoroughly test my pack. BAD MOVE! I headed out on my hike and 2 miles in, my straps were slipping, my traps were burning (and not from the 30Lb load on my back) but the awkward way the sack was slinging. Another 2 miles, my front support strap completely unhooked. At this point I felt like I had an awkward monkey on my back and my turtle pace speed walk at 5mph was doing nothing for my endurance. So another couple of miles and I called it a day.

I headed straight to the Army/Navy Surplus store, bought some old used straps and clasps. Now after jumping up and down like a crazy person and a couple of handstands..She rides like a dream:) AROOO!

The Next Day:

After finally falling asleep this morning at 3am, I was up and at it by 7.
As soon as my feet hit the floor, I slammed a protein drink and headed out the door.
I walked a good, fast pace for a mile to warm up a bit, then a two mile run to follow.
After, I took a 30 minute break, loaded up my ruck with 25Lbs and out for another 3 mile walk/run combo.
I didn’t track meals today. I allowed myself as much fruit, yogurt, chicken and sweet potatoes as I wanted. Maybe even a few Tbsp’s of Peanut Butter:) I could feel my body needed it and nice full tummy will help for a better nights rest.

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