The time has come- Moving to Italy


I just finished packing my bags for my move. The airport shuttle will be here at 9am tomorrow! I cannot believe the time is finally here!! Three years to experience Europe!! I am so beyond blessed!!
Korea was the best experience of my life and I know Italy is going to offer even more!!
I speak it, believe it and receive it, that this experience will be life changing and will open my eyes and heart for so many wonderful adventures!! I am so grateful for this opportunity!!!!

My 1st Week in Italy

Our first night in Italy our good friend took us to dinner at his favorite local restaurant. BEFed is known for their rotisserie chicken. It was amazing!!
My first Friday night.
This is what I have been waiting for! Fresh and organic from the local market 🙂
I got my license this week!!!
Breakfast at the local caffe. 
I took a tour of one of the world’s top chocolate shops. This dress was made from milk chocolate!!

I think I will enjoy my time here 🙂

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