2015 -Progression

For the people that ask ‘Do you keep your abs all year around?’

The dreaded off season, year end photos:)
The only way to make gains is by gaining weight- thats just common sense-
If that means losing my abs for a couple of months then so be it!!

The morning began with the taking of progress photos, measurements and body fat testing. For the first time EVER, my measurements were equal on both sides of my body (this is why I avoid using machines when I work out- free weights force the body to do equal amounts of work)

According to my measurements and weight- My estimated lean mass gain for the year is probably around 7-9 LBS. Thats HUGE numbers for me! Where as the newbie in this industry can gain anywhere from 13-15 pounds in a single year fairly easily- for the more advanced trainee it can be very difficult to add even a few pounds of additional lean mass.

My training this last year was a completely different type of regimen than years previous. For many, many years, I trained for endurance. I competed in triathlons, duathlons and endurance cycling. Averaging anywhere from 20 to 30 miles running, 100 to 200 miles weekly on the bike, and 5 to 6 hours dedicated to swimming- I consumed just enough calories to support my training, but nowhere near enough calories for weight gain. For many years during my off season, I would immediately return to a low carb diet in fear of gaining an ounce of body fat (along with many endurance athletes, I unfortunately saw any additional weight gain as a negative effect on my training and would at times reduce calories taking it to extremes).
It took me two years of studying Sports Nutrition, application in my training and putting faith and trust in the process to overcome this unhealthy off season cycle.

While I still thoroughly enjoy bouts of endurance training- My training goals have changed tremendously. My year round focus is training for strength- During race season, my techniques have shifted more into HIIT Training (more muscle sparing) and their is no such thing as ‘low-carb’ in my nutrition program.

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