Making the transition from the clean to the jerk is a skill that can leave athletes feeling a little clumsy and confused. If the readjustment isn’t made smoothly, valuable energy will be spent trying to rework the grip taking away effort the athlete would otherwise focus on putting into the jerk.  Here are a few tips to make sure you don’t get caught short in this transition:

1. During the clean recovery, continue to overdrive the barbell creating a slight separation at the top. Use this separation to reposition your hands and arms to your desired jerk set-up.

2. Practice this transition as it’s own skill using just an empty barbell. If you can’t do it well with an empty bar, you probably aren’t going to do it well when you’re mid-lift with a heavier weight.

3. As you recover out of the clean, think about readjusting into a solid push pressing position.

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