You alone Create Your Greatness

My motivation for any type of competition or race stems from the thrill of the excitement of pushing myself past the comfort of what feels capable-
I didn’t realize what I was creating within myself at the time, when I began racing and competing- I still remember the fear I felt when swimming the final meters in my first triathlon, the nervousness in my gut when the gun went off at the start of my first half marathon, the feeling of being petrified when the time came to scale my first 10ft wall- the tremble in my legs when I walked across my first stage- scared, afraid, nervous- all of these emotions made me face my biggest fear of all- The fear of being just mediocre-
This is what drives me everyday- This is why I train and train hard. To never push myself to achieve greatness is simply unacceptable.

Safety, security and sanctuary- 3 things people often strive to find- Dreams cast aside to find security over the fear of being critiqued- Never really being alive- Never taking risks- never putting ones self on display, to be vulnerable- Never feeling pain of defeat, but more importantly, never feeling the pride from the attempt-

In competition, even in training, the fear of being scrutinized or criticized will lead to failure. Top tier athletes are created when one finds the ability to choose to create- You become what you conceive, build and launch- So build greatness and never settle for average-

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