The DeadLift

Anybody wanting to add slabs of muscle to their lower and upper body, to create a stronger and more impressionable physique, can’t go past the deadlift.
Indeed, the deadlift, if performed correctly, will build unparalleled mass while strengthening all the major muscles groups. Yes, many will argue that the squat is the King of Exercises, and will contribute to more strength and size gains than any other exercise.
While it is true that the squat does rank as one of the best size builders (and on this basis alone should be included in everyone’s program), the deadlift builds the upper and lower body like no other movement.


Deadlifting Tips

Given that heavy weights are typically used for the deadlift, and the  potential for injury is great due to the complexity of the movement, it is  very important to maintain correct technique at all times. The following  tips will help you to get the most out of this great exercise.

  1. Keep chest forward and shoulders back, and look up. The back should never  be rounded as this will make it more susceptible to injury, not to mention ruining the movement and impeding progress.
  2. At the middle of the movement, do not jerk the bar up to achieve the  final concentric phase of the movement. To get past the sticking point, keep the momentum going from the bottom of the movement, in one smooth action.
  3. Keep the knees fixed throughout the movement. If the knees bend in and out, they might become injured due to the lateral movement placed on their  joints. Also, do not tip forward or move feet as this puts the body off balance and may invite injury.
  4. Keep movement smooth from top to bottom. As with all exercises, a fluid motion is best to prevent a potential injury. The spine is especially  susceptible to injury. Never jerk the weight.

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