CrossFit and Mental Strength

CrossFit takes strength, power, and ability to work for long periods of time. As the sport evolves, it not only takes these qualities in order to cope with the overwhelming workload, but application of mental strategy is a must.
One of the many reasons that CrossFit is a proven sport of progression, is that it teaches you how to push yourself beyond the limit of your perceived limitations. The problem with pushing yourself only so far is that your body will stop changing. As your body and mind grow accustomed to a particular workload, they’ll stop making progress.
What CrossFit teaches, is the idea that the body can always do more. The average CrossFit WOD is deliberately designed to fatigue your body to the point where you don’t think you can go on. The lesson in the WODs is that when your body is totally exhausted, you must look for a different energy source. And guess what? Your body will do it!!
You must learn to rely on your mind to push you through the suffering. It is your mentality, that your true power lies. When you learn to depend on your mind, you will be amazed at the unlimited amount of strength and endurance that your body has. Whatever you convince your mind to believe, will become a reality. Once you discover that your mind can ‘will’ your exhausted body to perform longer and lift heavier, you will amaze yourself at how this can crossover into all aspects of your life. So the next time you want to quit, listen to that positive voice in your head and let it push you to keep going!

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