Super Spartan Race- Milano, Italy

Although this race was nowhere near my toughest race to date, it was by far the muddiest! Dangerously muddy! I received a much slower time than I would have liked, but finishing the race without a broken ankle or sprain was most important! My legs kept telling my brain to run fast, you can handle it, but I knew better. I busted my ass so many times in this race, on my own, and other times due to the person ahead causing a pile-up. As with any race though, it was a blast! I will say that the last two obstacles of the race were a test of determination. The first of the two was an incline belly crawl under barbed wire, lined with shards of rock- just perfect for slicing and dicing the knees and elbows! The last obstacle, an inclined wall with a slippery rope that may have well been lubed with oil. It was so caked with wet mud, that when going for my last pull, exerting almost all of my energy, I lost control. I slid all the way back to the starting position. After telling myself to breathe and move (my favorite thing to yell at my CF athletes in class) I ran over to the side of the obstacle where laid bundles of hay-like grass. Taking some in my palms with hopes of creating somewhat of a grip, I was back up to the top!



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