From a ‘Frantic Frog’ to a ‘Super Spartan’

To understand Tiffany is to grasp the understanding of her primary passions- Competition and Coaching.
Her competitive nature stems from completion of her very first Triathlon long ago. AFRAID, TERRIFIED, PANICKED. Like a fish out of water.
These are the emotions that led to, or produced, great performance.
Emotions that created within her this manner of healthy competition, all the while, without sacrificing morale.
The understanding that fear was her formula for effectiveness, led her to the obsession and marvel of the human body’s capabilities during competition.
TRIATHLONS, DUATHLONS, MARATHONS, ULTRA-THONS AND OBSTACLE COURSES… Her choice of extreme sports due to the mere fact of being solo performances; the competitive element being proposed by and against ones self.
She is driven by fear. Fear of giving anything less than her personal best. Fear of not making the attempt at all. These executions of attempts have to led to over 20 incredible racing adventures, in four different countries, on three diverse continents. This fear in return yields..Self-satisfaction, Self-glorification and above all else, Self-respect.
The understanding that her athletic success stems not only from hard work, tedious training and dedication, but as well as self-determination that leads to competition within all other aspects of her life. Dedicated and determined to finding her best self, each day is devoted to training and preparing for the next big adventure of competition in her life.
However, regardless of the preparation…Nothing could prepare her for her greatest adventure- Her 2nd passion..Coaching.
ACCOUNTABILITY, CREDIBILITY AND LIABILITY…Characteristics that accompany this role.
It comes with immediate realization, it is more than just the sport. It is more than the weightlifting of teaching someone a clean, a jerk, or a Snatch. It’s more than  a conditioning challenge, or CrossFit. It’s more than being just a coach…
It’s mentoring. It’s being a motivator.
Positivity creates confidence. And to believe that you will succeed tends to silence the voice of self doubt. This for her as a coach is primitive. To instill self-confidence, which in return yields greatness.
Enthusiasm not only for the sport, but for each individual athlete is part of her formula for success. Getting an athlete to believe in themselves and the desire to achieve prominence is key!
With over 10 years of certifications to display, these pieces of paper are mere printouts in frames, stuck on her wall. While they make her capable as an individual and knowledgeable, they do not possess the power of pronouncing her as a good coach. But….the two coffee mugs, one that reads “#1 coach” and the 2nd, “coaches change lives”, well, those sources are significant. An offering of thanks for the accountability and motivation.
What began as the hope of using coaching as a platform to inspire, rather she was the one who was inspired.
From a competitor driven by fear, that decided to take a ‘leap of faith’, which in return, created greatness among herself and many amazing athletes…


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