It begins today!!! 20 Weeks Out!

Well, it is officially that time of year again!!!!!! Contest prep begins!!!!!!
I will be competing again this year with the WBFF and I will be aiming for that PRO-CARD!!!!!!
I am beginning prep for this show at 20 weeks out. My contest date is scheduled for July 1st! I am super pumped to get going and I am determined to make this prep the best yet, bringing my best package to the stage!
As with my past shows, I will bring you guys along throughout my prep and include you all in the good, the bad, and the ugly:)

Well, lets get right down to it….
I will post below my starting stats: weight and measurements, along with where I am beginning with my training program, cardio and nutrition.

Weight and Measurements:
WAIST: 28.25
THIGH: 21.5

Monday: Legs (Quad focus)
Tuesday: Olympic Lifting + HIIT/MetCon
Wednesday: Rest Day
Thursday: Legs (Hams/Posterior Chain)
Friday: Olympic Lifting + HIIT/MetCon
Saturday: Upper Body Accessory + Cardio
Sunday: Upper Body Accessory + Cardio /or Rest (tbd)

I am currently 11 days into the Paleo Challenge with my CrossFit Crew. I will continue this challenge throughout February. I am normally gluten/sugar free due to gluten sensitivity and the only grains I consume are oats and rice, so Paleo is a nutrition program that works well for me and is quite easy for me to adhere to.
I post 90% of my meals on an IG account that is specifically for tracking my food, so if you need ideas on meal prepping, head over and follow that account

Well, time to get day #1 of prep going!!

Here is a flashback to last years show…
Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 6.01.01 AM.png

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