19 Weeks Out from WBFF

I am already one week down!!
My first week of competition prep for the 2017 season was a success ūüôā
My workouts for the week were on point- In each lifting session I felt strong and my MetCons were super intense.

Eating from tupperware and finding time between classes to fit my workouts in with the intensity they deserve can get tough. School can make the days long and a bit stressful, but I plow through knowing that the struggles will all be worth it!!!

I immediately saw results this week with my measurements and on the scale due to the intensity of MetCon training. I could care less about the number behind my weight; however, measurements and progress photos are great for tracking progression.

WEIGHT: 137.5 
CHEST: 33         
WAIST: 28.25      
HIPS: 32    

Meals for the Weekend
This early in the game my macros are high and lack of satisfaction is not a factor. If anything, I am still struggling to get it all in. I reverse dieted for quite a while preparing for this prep, and it will without a doubt make all the difference when it comes to cutting. 

Cheers to a successful week!!

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