Journey to the WBFF…14 Weeks Out

                          Another week closer to taking the stage for 2017!!

My training split remains the same as it has since day 1 of competition prep began; however, this week rather than splitting lower body muscle groups (Monday-quads & Friday-hams and glutes), I am doing full leg days twice a week. One day is geared toward low reps and larger sets, while the second lower body day includes smaller sets with increased reps.

I am still including HIIT sessions two days a week followed with ABS. 
Today’s HIIT training was ‘Tabata’ Intervals of the Air Dyne bike and Toes to Bar.

This was my second week of running for my active rest day. The weather is too perfect right now to not be outdoors! 
Running will be increased weekly seeing that its racing season on top of competition prep;)

My weight was a bit stalled over the last two weeks, with a decrease of just at one pound (134.9 to 134.0).
My chest, waist, hips and glute measurements remained the same, and I dropped a half inch on the top of each thigh.

My nutrition thus far into prep is easy to manage. I am not a point of feeling too restricted; however with the last week’s progress halt, I will be adjusting my macros just a bit.

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 4.19.31 PM
Click here to watch my latest VLOG for this Prep Series 🙂

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