I love Mondays

Hey Hey!! Its Monday which is my favorite day of the week. Weird, I know, but it is always a fresh start and I always feel so revived and refreshed and ready to tackle the week. I have a rule to never miss a Monday in the gym; however, today turned into another off day. I had my pre-workout meal and slipped into my Lulu’s, but as soon as I stepped out of my slippers into my Nanos, the blisters that I thought weren’t so bad on the back of my ankles instantly felt like razor blades. So, I wore my slippers to the post office and grocery store and came home and food prepped in between client check-ins. 

I got a good giggle this morning while checking in with one of my clients. I opened an email to this… WTF. She too is an obstacle racer, so her workouts always include some crazy intense cycles and her check-ins always include some crazy entertaining remarks regarding my programming;)) 


Mondays meal prep includes lots of veggies and usually gets me through until Thursday.

Today’s Lunch🍴Tuna sandwich on Ezekiel Flax bread, cucumber and mixed greens topped with oil and vinegar.


The highlight of my day was Skyping with my mama:) In just two more months, her, myself and my sister, will be having a girls trip to Arizona followed by half of the summer in sweet home Alabama. I can’t wait!!


Now to finish up my evening with some Proyo and Peanut Butter and call it a night. 
Have a wonderful week!!!

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