Finals Week..

Happy Tuesday!

I woke up to this message from one of my clients this morning. A great way to start of my day:) #proudcoach


I made it back to the gym today and got in a lower body workout. My shoes were still rubbing my ankles a bit, but nothing a couple of band-aids couldn’t fix. I focused more on isolation work and finished up with sprints on the rower. If you don’t row, I suggest adding it into the mix:)


My afternoon was spent at school, test taking. This is finals week. Finals are always tough, but it just means classes are almost over!!! After this week I have one class left before summer break:)


Tonights DinneršŸ“ Zucchini and ground turkey with cucumber and peppersĀ 


I received a few snips from my race last weekend…


Now it is time for casein, yogurt, peanut butter and bed!Ā 

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