Its Friday, which means that finals are over!! It has been a bit of a stressful week, but thankfully I made it through with A’s and B’s and I’m satisfied with that. I still have one class and a Lab, which is by far my toughest to date, but once I make it through this I am off for summer break!

I haven’t got in a workout yet today and I am trying to decide on a home session or head to the gym, which I know will be empty this late on a Friday.
My workouts all week have been tough. My body has been exhausted since my race this last weekend. I have had a problem getting my electrolytes balanced. My muscles have been cramping, extremely sore and fatigued. I knew there was trouble when I was in the 9th mile and my sweating was mild and my thirst level was almost non-existent. The entire drive home that night I kept having to rub my eyes and take extra precaution with focussing the lines of the road due to a blurry haze with my vision. I have always had a problem with taking in enough sodium (opposite from most of the population), but being that it was a distance race I should have taken more precautions. Lesson learned! If you have ever had extreme electrolyte imbalances; it is serious. I have to be aware of mine at all times. A lot of athletes and competitors that constantly watch their diet can fall into this category quite quickly and not realize the seriousness. Sodium depletion for athletes that train above average is just a disaster waiting to happen- Now, after a few days of gatorade and sea salt, I am feeling back to myself and ready to train.
Speaking of…here are some pictures from the weekend…

Here are some of my meals from this week…

Well I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! Mine will consist of prepping for my Chemistry mid-term next week and thats about it 🙂

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