It’s Wednesday

I have made it over the hump…Mid-terms are over!!
My last couple of days have been consumed with studying and getting training in, in between. 

I woke up this morning to super sore hamstrings. I love it! Does anyone else love being sore after a workout? It is such a feeling of accomplishment;) It just goes to show that heavy lifting is not always better. A few blogs back, I reported how I changed up one of my lower body training days to a lighter weight, higher rep scheme. Its working out well. Yesterday’s lower body day consisted of all lifts being 65% of my 1RM or less, and my hams were shivering and quivering. This is not to be confused as my preferred method- Believe me when I say, I had rather lift at a 90-95% any day, but mixing up the program means progress. 

This mornings session began with behind the neck overheads followed with rear delt and bicep isolation- and of course a post-workout bathroom selfie 🙂

Today’s lunch: chopped chicken and green peppers cooked in coconut oil, topped with salsa, a side of broccoli and salad.


I took it outdoors this evening for a 2 mile stroll around the neighborhood followed with an epsom bath in hopes of loosening up these legs. Now its time for casein pro-yo, Netflix and bed:)

Have a good evening 🙂

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