Spartan Saturday

Hey Everyone-
Each night that I sit down to blog, my eyes begin to droop and I cannot manage to stay awake. So, lets catch up from the weekend!

I had another Spartan race this weekend, a ‘super’ that was held at the Austrian military academy in Vienna.

This race was a blast! There was quite a bit of water involved- and I mean water that was moving!!! While coming to the end of the river (before a drop off, aka waterfall), the current swooped me up pretty good and I lost sight of the rope that was grounded. One of the pararescue guys jumped out to grab me up before the drop. It was a rush-literally!! I am still waiting on time results, but I believe this was fairly close to my best time to date. 🙂

 was spent recovering and finishing up on “Orange is the new Black”.
I realize that I may have been the last person to watch this series, but it was worth the wait!! Highly recommended!!

Below is my VLOG recap from last months race in Orte, Italy
Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 8.07.22 AM

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