Halfway through another week!
Time flies, but when you’re in competition prep, it really does!!

I began my morning with cardio while watching Jeopardy. I absolutely love that show. I rarely know any answers, but when I do, I feel like all of these hours in school are paying off 😉
I spent a couple of hours deep cleaning my house. Deep, as in rubber gloves, bleach, taking everything out of drawers and cabinets, mopping the floors. Once I began there was no stopping.

My gym session again today was late in the evening. This was my second late night session and I have slept like a baby both nights. I think I may be on to something:) Late workouts have always been a bit of a struggle for me, but as training intensifies during prep, sleeplessness tends to be an issue; this just may be my fix 🙂

Todays workout began with a base of clean and jerks: 
3×12 / 3×10 / 5×5
Followed with shoulder and chest isolation:
side laterals, front laterals, lateral to overheads, decline DB bench press and flies, and ending with incline presses on the hammer strength.

Breakfast: eggs, peppers and avocado
Lunch: Tilapia and green beans

Today was a great day! I truly am blessed to live a life that I love so much!!!

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