Hey you all:) Happy Thursday!! 

I had absolutely no obligations today. Today is my scheduled off day from training, so what else do I do?
Well, I started the morning out with some light cardio and then decided to give myself a little at home manicure and pedicure.

I took a picture of my toes after my last race, but it is too awful to post!!! I have four toenails that are black and on the verge of coming off. I have one more race before my show and I am really hoping they hang in there, literally ;))

This afternoon I went to the grocery store and grabbed the necessities. 

I food prep usually twice a week. Once on either Sunday or Monday and again on Thursday or Friday. Most people can agree that the weekends are the biggest struggle, so I make sure that I prep before each weekend to ensure that I stay on track!

This evening I cooked up some chicken, mixed with chopped onions, tomatoes and taco seasoning in coconut oil, stovetop. I like to eat this either on corn tortillas (for high carb meals), with greens (for low a carb option), or alone, topped with hot sauce and jalapeños.

Now, it is time to pile up with some casein proyo and watch another episode of my newest series, Breaking Bad. This show was one that I had heard so much about, but nothing about it appealed to me. Well, I finally gave it a chance and it looks like it will be a good one.


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