A fresh week! Here we go…

This morning began at 8 am with coffee and weekly client check-ins. 

An hour later I was on the eliptical doing cardio which I mixed with body weight only leg exercises. This cycle was a quick 30-35 minute session.

I took about and hour to do some food prep to begin the week with-

I felt extremely tired after eating lunch today. I ended up eating over half of my carbs for the day in hopes to feel better, but I ended up falling asleep on the couch for about 4 hours. For me to sleep that long mid day, I must have been exhausted. After waking, I had some coffee and made my way to the gym for leg day.

I begin every leg workout with a warm up of air squats and lunges. Todays lower body exercises were:
Back rack box squats
Traditional back rack squats
Smith machine wide stance squats
Weighted box step ups
Leg extensions
Toe Raises

My post workout meal: oatmeal, sweet potatoes and egg whites


Now I am going to mix up my casein pro-yo and call it a day.
Happy Monday!!

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