Sunday-Funday 😉
It’s funny how Sunday-Funday has taken a turn from what it use to be. Only a few short years ago it consisted of bottomless mimosas and brunch at the beach. Now, it is waking up for early morning cardio and bcaa’s.

This morning I woke up again around 8am 🙂 I had my normal cup of coffee, checked emails and then had some cherry-lime bpi bcaas. My cardio consisted of eliptical intervals followed with 50 toes to bar..Ouch!!

I spent the earlier part of my day doing laundry and cleaning a bit. It was a beautiful day out, so I spent some time out on the patio enjoying the weather.

On the patio having my pre-workout mix of bpi cookies and cream, coconut water and spinach.

Today’s workout was isolation work that focused on biceps, shoulders and rear delts:
Seated DB Curls
Seated DB Curls into Arnold Press
Seated Hammer Curls
Seated BB Press
Upright Row
Straight Bar Curls
Single Rear Delt Flye
Single Curls
Followed with 15:00 LISS cardio on the treadmill

Today’s lunch and a couple of snacks from today. Nutrition is everything!

Happy Sunday you all!!!

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