Today was a scheduled off day from weight training, so for my morning cardio I used the empty BB mixed with bodyweight exercises to get the blood flowing.

I had a hard time not going to the gym today. When you get this close to a competition and you know you still have progress to make, taking an off day can be a battle in itself; however, I know that I needed it. Every single muscle in my body today felt fatigued (not to be confused with muscle soreness), so I listened to it and forced myself to finish up my latest series of ‘Breaking Bad’ 🙂


Confidence is belief in yourself and the ability to feel beautiful without approval of others. If you wait for others to build you up, you will be waiting a while. It is  OK to feel confident and be proud of yourself😉


This is 100% truth. Exposing yourself to artificial ingredients within junk food lead to more cravings. I often have people ask me, “don’t you like pizza and sweets?” Of course I do! I’m human, but what I like even more is to feel good on the inside and appreciate what I see in the mirror on the outside.
It is not an easy lifestyle! Staying committed and having willpower is often extremely hard, but disappointment within ones self is even harder.
Happy Tuesday 🙂

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