I woke up this morning, had some coffee and laced up my Nikes for a stroll around the city. It was by no means a cardio session, or even a power walk. In all reality, my heart rate probably never got over 100 bpm, but it was such a beautiful morning and I couldn’t think of a better way to begin the day.
I try to begin each day by giving thanks-whether religious, or just a believer in the power of the universe, I think that everyone can benefit by beginning each day with a thankful heart, and no better way than a morning outside.
-These pictures can’t even do it justice. It really is the most beautiful place. I am so blessed for this experience!


After my walk I took a trip to the grocery store and loaded up on veggies. I swear, Veggie Prep is never ending!!

Todays training was glutes, hamstrings and back:
Romanian deadlifts
Single leg deadlifts
Seated row
One arm seated row
Lying hamstring curl
Reverse pec dec
Standing single hamstring curls
Lying single hamstring curls
Glute bridges

This afternoon focused on girly maintenance…


I mixed up some of my homemade body scrub. I use coconut oil, lavender epsom salt and brown sugar. This time I also mixed in some healing oils that my friend gave me from Egypt. (Just a tip: I prefer to use the scrub prior to wetting the skin. It works as an amazing exfoliator and leaves the skin ridiculously soft and yummy 😉
I also applied a hair masque which is a mix of Redkens ‘All Soft’ conditioning masque and Redkens ‘time reset’ porosity filler with protein.
As for my skin, I have been a faithful user of Rodan and Fields for a few months now and love what it does for my skin!

For the rest of my evening I will be catching up on some reading and another episode of Breaking Bad 🙂

Happy Hump-Day!!


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