Hi y’all 🙂 I cannot believe that it is already Thursday!
Today began like everyday, with coffee 🙂


I had a double session today. This mornings workout was a light MetCon.
4 Rounds:
10 Back Squats
10 Front Squats
10 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
Followed with 15:00 of L.I.S.S. cardio on the eliptical.

I spent a couple of hours this afternoon uploading my latest contest prep Vlog (which I will post later today).

Oh you know, just taking a selfie montage of my new shorties 😉 Well, they’re not actually new, I bought them back in December, but I bought them according to my goals of where I wanted to be during my competition prep and they’re a perfect fit. 

My second session of the day was my main lifting session:
Power snatches from the pocket (85%)
Clean & Jerks (85%)
Split Jerks (85%)
Followed with isolation:
Standing side laterals
Seated Incline front laterals
Incline DB flyes
Single tricep kickbacks
Ending with Abs
I felt solid in my workout today. I had great energy, a positive mindset, and 1:30 later I had to force myself to end my workout because it was feeding time. I love workouts like todays 🙂

If you follow my IG (tiffanymitchellmull) then you know how often I include snapshots of my BCAAs.
My daily intake during contest prep:
One gallon of water + 20 grams of BCAAs- While BCAA supplementation is useful for gaining mass, they are especially helpful for maintaining muscle mass while in a caloric deficit prepping for competition.
(Tip: for those that track macros, don’t forget that bcaas count in your protein allotment for the day)

Take a moment to be thankful today 🙂 Happy Thursday!!

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