Hi you all-
This morning began with planning the day. When I have school work (labs particularly), I make a plan for my day to ensure that I stay on track and get everything completed within a timely matter.



Todays breakfast looks identical to yesterdays. I am a creature of habit. Maybe it isn’t exciting to eat the same foods day after day, but these are the foods that fuel my needs and my goals. I eat to live.

After breakfast, I got in my first workout of the day. It was a quick 5 rounds:
Romanian Deadlifts
Traditional DB bicep curls
Toes to bar
Followed with 15:00 on the eliptical

Mid-Morning Meal & Lunch:

Once again..the same foods. Would I LOVE to have three slices of pizza and a coke, of course-but that would not help me reach my goals.

Labs took up a good portion of my day. It was a tough lab today. Actually, hard AF is the correct terminology for describing todays class!


This afternoons training session was a great session:
Traditional Deadlifts
Followed with: High Volume:
Single Leg Deadlifts
Leg Press / Toe Press
Lying Hamstring Curls
Leg Extensions
Glute Bridges

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