Saturday mornings are for outdoor cardio.

No matter how familiar I become with the scenery around me, I will never take granted the blessing of living in such beautiful surroundings.

Today was a low key day. After my run, I spent the earlier part of my day hanging out on the patio

A green juice a day is a must for the loads of potassium-
Todays mix: spinach, organic coconut water, half of a banana, stevia

My workout today was great. I went to the gym with no plan, which is something I rarely do. I am the person with my training notebook, writing down every rep scheme, the time of rest between each set, and often decorated with obscenities or pictures describing the emotion a PR of failed lift 😉

So with no plan, I decided on a mix of power cleans (because they’re my favorite:) and lower body, because my glutes weren’t sore after yesterdays workout. I figure this far into prep, if I have the energy I will hit lower body as much as possible. Not only does lower body training blast more calories than any other exercise (except Oly lifts), but you can never work the glute/ham tie in too much when it comes to a bikini body!
Todays session:
-Power Cleans from the pocket
Back rack alternating reverse lunges
-Lying hamstring curls
Glute Bridges
-GHD reverse kick backs
GHD reverse ham pulls/crunch

I ended my evening with a LISS cardio session on the eliptical while beginning a new series, ‘Suits’.

I want to end todays update by saying Thank You to a man named Mark, that in all reality will probably never read this blog. Mark is a man that works for a company that I spoke with today, and lets just say that he took it upon himself to show an act of random kindness. It was unexpected and truly appreciated, and it just goes to show that people in general are good. Thank you Mark. I will be paying it forward. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Saturday!!

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