Wake, Pray and Slay. Today is a good day.

Coffee and Kelly Kapowski hair 😉


Breakfast this morning: Egg whites, one whole egg, orange slices, apple slices, oatmeal and a green smoothie with spinach and coconut water.


Today is a double training day. I had a carb count of 400 grams yesterday (yay re-feeds), so I was ready to put in work.
My morning workout was once again lower body. I felt todays leg day made up for yesterdays lacking performance.


My dinner was my pre-workout meal for session #2

Ground turkey and peppers cooked in coconut oil, sweet potato, asparagus and a second green drink of spinach and coconut water (micronutrients).


Tonights workout was an upper body combo:
BB Rows
Wide Grip Pulldowns
DB Bench Press
Cable Tricep Press
Seated Row
Pec Dec Fly
Reverse Pec Dec



Happy Tuesday 🙂

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