Another day of blessings.

Sunshine calls for breakfast on the patio: An egg omelette stuffed with peppers and onions, fat free refried beans and a side of asparagus.

I went to the gym not long after breakfast, so my pre-workout snack was minimal: A green drink of coconut water and spinach and a scoop of peanut butter.

It is always so disappointing when you measure out an actual serving size of peanut butter 😦

Todays workout was shoulder and bicep isolation, followed with rowing intervals.
To be honest (because I think its important to share the good, the bad, and the ugly), today was one of the worst days thus far in my prep. I felt not only physically drained, but mentally as well. I tried to pep talk myself during my warm up for motivation, but I just couldn’t get my head in it. I did complete my workout; however, not my greatest performance.

The highlight of my day was my PYRKIA bands came in 🙂 I shopped around for the best silicone rings for lifting and when I stumbled across this brand I LOVED their color selections and awesome wrap bracelets!

After consuming almost my entire days worth of calories, I took it back to the gym this evening for my HIIT training.
I began with box step ups, KB swings and air squat circuits- followed with the stepper. I still felt sluggish and lacked motivation but I pushed through, knowing that once completed, I could lay in bed reassured that I gave my all today in spite of wanting to quit. 

Everyday will not be perfect, but everyday is one step closer to the goal.  Todays lack of motivation- is tomorrows encouragement.

Happy Hump-day 🙂

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