Its Friday- yay!

I woke up this morning after sleeping for 13 hours! Yep, I am pretty sure that rest day yesterday was a good call. I felt like a completely different person today!

After breakfast (oatmeal, egg whites, apple slices and peanut butter), I went straight to the gym.

My am workout was full of squats followed with glute/ham isolation. I ended with 10:00 on the stair stepper (I keep cardio to a minimum on leg day).


The earlier part of my day was spent food prepping for the weekend. 

The main part of my afternoon was consumed with Labs. 

This was my very last lab!!!! How exciting!!! I have two more weeks until finals, and then I am off for the summer!!!


Round #2: Legs

High Volume Training: 5 sets of each:
Traditional Deadlifts
Single Leg Deadlifts
DB Reverse Lunges
Leg Press/Toe Press
Leg Extensions
Standing Ham Curls


This evenings pre and post workout meals:

Pre-Workout: Rice cakes topped with spicy tuna, cucumbers and sweet potato.
Post-Workout: Oatmeal topped with ground turkey, hot sauce and mustard (I know it seems weird:) with broccoli and apple slices.


Today was an awesome day! Its amazing how well the body responds once you give it a break. 

Be Blessed! Happy Friday 🙂

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