Today I am 35. Do I worry about getting older? I did on my 30th birthday, but not anymore. I am grateful and thankful!! My body is stronger than most 25 year olds, mine just happens to have a few age spots and a lot more laugh lines (earned).

My morning began with breakfast at my favorite breakfast spot, my patio.
Followed with:

I had an intense leg session today. Worked these 35 year old wheels good!!
Running errands-

No fancy birthday suit for me today 😉 Just some 10 year old buckle jeans, a tank from H&M, and Michael Kors sandals. All of my girls understand that no matter how basic the outfit, a good pair of designer glasses and handbag can do wonders for an outfit!
Todays Lunch-

Zucchini and ground turkey cooked in coconut oil, yellow peppers topped with spicy mustard and a rice cake topped with guacamole.
After dinner (chicken, fat free refried beans, peppers and onions), I had my birthday treat 😉 

Last year for my birthday it was post-show, and my sister and I indulged in ice-cream with all the toppings! Today I am 4 weeks out from competition, so it is Pro-yo topped with PB2 and nut butter 🙂
….Sister (as you read my blog:), we will make up for this in a month!!!…

Well I hope you all had an amazing Monday!!!
Don’t forget to take a moment and be thankful and receive your blessings;)
Life is good!!! Cheers to another 35 years (and many more).

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