Well I definitely NEEDED the coffee this morning. I woke up at 3am and could not go back to sleep.

Today was a high carb day so I started my morning with oatmeal and egg whites topped with hot sauce.

My pre workout meal was more oats topped with banana, cinnamon and almonds. 
When I have a high carb day, I usually don’t stray away from my “normal” foods. I stick with the familiar, just in greater amounts. 

I had two lower body training sessions today. My am workout focused on Glutes and Hamstrings and my pm session was an overall lower body workout.
After waking at 3 am this morning, I decided a mid-day nap would be a good idea, knowing that I had to head back to the gym for a 2nd workout.

Here I am dreaming of how nice it would be to skip the gym, after all it is 10pm. But….instead, I get out of my head, push through and grind it out. 

Sweet potatoes are a main source of carbs for me on re-feed days. 
Now that I have worked these wheels and fueled these glycogen stores, it is time for bed!!

Happy Hump-Day y’all!!!

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