The end of the weekend-

Hey you all 🙂


Leading up to the weekend, I stuck to my programmed leg day; however, being that I had a race planned for Saturday, I kept it short and sweet: 10 Sets of Front Squats, 10 Sets of Leg Extensions, 10:00 on the Starmill.


Saturday morning gearing up to head to Milano for the Spartan Sprint. This is my first sprint. I have always chosen the 10-13 mile distance over the 5-6 mile course, but I am completing the European Tri-Fecta this season, so a Sprint must be completed- So today, a sprint is is;)

This was my second time completing this course (however last time it was the super), and it was pouring rain, which made for slippery trails with lots of stumbles. Today was much warmer and dryer, and less mud definitely made for easier, quicker rope climbs!


Sunday was spent doing homework...ALL. DAY. LONG.
This was an awesome weekend. I am so blessed to get to travel this world doing what I love.
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!

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