Its almost the weekend! I say this with excitement; however, my weekends look identical to my weekdays 🙂 During competition prep, a person (at least this one), tends to have a very structured, almost monotonous routine. I don’t mind. I find as I get older, I prefer a schedule and appreciate organization.
Coffee as usual to begin the day…

Don’t be a shitty person today. This refers to how you treat yourself as well!! Don’t look in the mirror and say things to yourself that you wouldn’t say to a friend. Be good to yourself, love yourself and know that its ok to do so 😉
Breakfast on the patio: Egg Scramble with peppers and onions, asparagus, avocado and a green smoothie (spinach, coconut water and pineapple).

Followed with low intensity steady state cardio.

I didn’t have homework to occupy myself with (yay), so I decided to fill my day with cleaning. DEEP cleaning. I cleaned the inside of my cabinets, washed the outside of all the cabinets, cleaned the windows, mopped the floors, the bathroom, the workout room…literally, I cleaned everything inside and out. I turned the music up, burned some calories and ahhhh, the feels after. That fresh, citrus scent, umm-umm. Love it!
Gym Time- Todays workout was all about the delts- front, side, rear. I love shoulder day. It has always been one of my favorite days. I love a good shoulder pump.

This evening I am exhausted. Cleaning all day was seriously like a full day of cardio. Now its time for a bath and Orange is the new black 😉


Happy Thursday!!!

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