Hey you all 🙂


So I got up this morning to a growling belly and was super pumped about having my usual egg whites, that was until I realized that I had no egg whites 😦 Not only was I out of egg whites, I literally didn’t have a protein source of any kind (except for the rock hard chicken in the freezer). So, I microwaved up some oats and tossed a double scoop of BCAAs in my shaker cup and that would have to do. Out the door I went with coffee in hand. I got to the gym, warmed up and immediately into my second warm-up set, my body basically said, “fu@k you.” There was no mentally pushing through, My legs were completely fatigued. I managed to get out a couple of sets, and when I realized that I wasn’t benefiting in the least, I decided to modify my session, gearing more toward plyo-intervals.


I blamed my powerless performance on my lack of nutritional sustenance, so  immediately after, I headed straight to the grocery store and loaded up on just the necessities to get me by until next week.


You know you’re consumed in prep life when the highlight of your Friday day is a new sauté pan and a jug of PB Fit 🙂

This afternoon I did my cardio session at home on the eliptical. I still felt very tired and it took everything I had to muster up and push through, but because I took it easy today, tomorrows program should be on point 😉


For the remainder of the day I plan on piling up with Netflix and making my ‘to do’ lists of what needs to be taken care of before vaca. The excitement reminds me of going to summer camp as a kid and packing and prepping 3 weeks in advance:))

Happy Friday!!

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