I woke up at 6:00 am this morning to the sun beaming in my bedroom window. I immediately got up, grabbed my ruck sack and decided to get in some morning cardio. 

It was an absolutely beautiful morning!


In between meals I laid down and caught a 2 hour power nap. I normally wake up groggy if I sleep that long mid-day, but I felt pretty descent. I went to the gym and my workout was an overall upper body workout. I did have more strength than yesterday, but my output was still not 100%. I powered through, came home, ate and immediately laid down. For me to nap during the day, and now at 9:30, back in the bed, I must be tired. 


Pre and Post workout meals. Does anyone else LOVE peanut butter on eggs? It is my all time favorite combo!! My husband literally gags at this 😉 

Well, now it is time for an episode of Orange is the new Black- then off to dream.

Happy Saturday 🙂

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