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This is my day today, coffee and cardio. I have a rest day from the weights, but I have a double dose of extended cardio today.


After breakfast my first cardio session of choice was a mix of the eliptical and light plyometrics.

I had lunch on the patio today. Steak tips, peppers, salsa, guacamole and asparagus.

After lunch, I had a dermatology appointment. I like to go twice a year to have a thorough overview of my skin. Unfortunately, being a strawberry top with freckles, living at the beach and driving a jeep with the top off for 15+ years, it took a bit of a toll on my skin.
Nowadays, my morning skincare routine consists of a layer of SPF 35, full body,  as well as another application post-workout. So pretty much, I walk around smelling like a Florida coconut all year long, but my skin appreciates it 😉
So after slathering on the banana boat this afternoon, my second cardio session was held outside- 4 miles.

Post-Cardio Meal 

My evening will be loaded with Gilmore Girls and some sort of peanut butter concoction – I just found out earlier today that my sister is also watching the GG’s, so it looks as though she and I will continue my evening Netflix tradition while visiting the states 😉 Cant wait!!!

Happy Tuesday!!!

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