2 Weeks Out – WBFF Competition Prep Update

Wrapping up another week, getting one step closer to the WBFF stage for this season…

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 5.49.07 AM


One word to describe the last two weeks of prep, challenging.
At two weeks out, my cardio increased substantially and calories decreased, so the physical demands on the body are inevitable. Mentally, it has become more demanding as well, but I continue to push and remind myself that the end is near.
I enjoy structure. I enjoy tracking my macros. I enjoy following a training program; however, I am ready for a break, a moment of free range living. While I look forward to a few days of guilt free indulgences post-show, I am mostly excited to get back to training without an obligatory regimen. I am excited to lift heavy weights without the fear of injury due to a caloric deficit and I am excited to go for a run without anticipation of calories burned.
As I sit here typing up this blog entry, I have wrapped up the terrible two week out stint of prep and now head into peak week!!!


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