Monday- Its Peak Week!!!


I want to touch a second on the term peak week. To peak, means that you completely deplete the glycogen stores in the body and toward the end of the week, the goal is to fill these glycogen levels to their fullest (without spilling over). 
(** I will do a complete separate blog post on peak week later that will include the truth and myths behind the “magic” **)

My morning began with having my nails and toenails done thanks to my husband who told me to go and enjoy myself 🙂 My poor toenails have taken a beating over the last few months due to it being race season. I have had two nails that turned black because of bruising, and one completely fell off (except for a tiny bit of new growth), so having them professionally done was a must!

These were my inspiration colors to go by. I wanted to keep the color neutral and I decided to go with gel formed tips rather than the traditional plastic tips. I forgot to snap a pic of the final outcome in the natural sunlight, so I will share those tomorrow 😉


Some of todays menu:

Peak week nutrition is pretty brutal in the beginning of the week. It is very low carb, so volume eating is key. Broccoli and avocado are staples.


This afternoon I completed my first depletion workout- A full upper body workout that included two exercises for each muscle group, as well as, calves and abs. I did 4 sets of 20 reps for each exercise. My entire workout took my usual hour and a half.

This evening my cardio consisted of a low intensity jog outside.
Day 1 of depletion isn’t terrible. I would normally opt for my first depletion workout to be lower body (while the body is still holding some glycogen stores), but seeing that my Glutes and Hammies are still sore from my last leg day, I had to switch it up a bit. I suspect as usual the next two days will be a bit brutal, but hey, the end is near!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Monday!! 
Take a second to be thankful in advance for the blessings headed your way this week!! 

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