To begin the day:

Most of my day was spent trying to decide what to pack and take on vacation. No matter how light you try to pack, fitting six weeks into one suitcase can be a challenge- And being my mothers daughter, we LOVE to shop. This trip may mean shipping a box (or two;) back home.


It was probably a good thing that I spent a majority of the day at home.
Low Carb / Glycogen Depleting = Hangry


I had to make a run to pick up the final must have travel necessities, so I snapped a pic to share my new fancy nails with you guys 😉

My gym session this evening was a quick 45 minutes. I strung my movements together, with minimal rest and knocked it out. It was rough and Im completely exhausted, but its done:)


Can I take a moment to express my love/hate relationship with avocados. It is probably in my top 5 of favorite foods; however, catching an avocado in the 5 minute window of perfection is nearly impossible. This is approximately 30 grams, which is all I could savor from a whole avocado- and avocados are not cheap!
Ok, Im hangry 😉 but even in a carb loaded state, this would still irk me.



Happy Tuesday you all!!! Hangry or not, life is still amazing 😉

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