Catching Up:

Hey you all 🙂

I have spent the last 33 hours of my life in route to the good ole USA, so now that I am planted safely on American soil (hallelujah), lets catch up over the last couple of days….


If you can imagine (the day before leaving for vacation), I was consumed with running around like a crazy person- Laundry, packing, shopping for the last minute necessities, and all the while, in my final day of carb depletion (hence the quote about not hitting or biting anyone). I may have dodged and weaved my way around today to make certain that I wouldn’t have to fake a pleasant demeanor with anyone 🙂 Hey, its honesty with you guys!
I had another overall upper body workout that took about 30:00 (high volume/minimal rest), and cardio was a light stroll in the city this evening.



Thursday began bright and early at 3 am to get in some light cardio before heading to the airport. I normally would have completed another overall body pump sometime mid-day; however, knowing I would be traveling for the next day and a half, I didn’t want to risk additional water retention.

I boarded around noon with my pre-prepped flight food: 99% lean ground turkey, asparagus, sweet potato, almonds and trail mix (nothing as yummy as the inflight menu 😦 )


Travel Attire:



What do you guys wear when traveling? I literally had 2 minutes to throw clothes on before running out the door. My friend scooped me up to take me to the airport, but she had to park 2 blocks away from my house due to the fact that the weekly market was set up in town; good thing I took my bags to her house the night before!! So a rogue gym tee, Dondup cutoffs, pineapple hair and of course chucks to finish my ensemble… I am so Hawt!!

My flight from Venice to Philadelphia was almost 10 hours. You can imagine the excitement when the announcement was made that all passengers were loaded and I managed to have 2 seats all to myself!! I was worried about being trapped on the inside while still at a water intake of over a gallon today! #blessed



I had a 2.5 hour layover in Philly before my final flight to Phoenix. Y’all, it felt like the longest flight ever!!! Now, I am here at the Hotel and finally winding down. I managed to stay awake the entire duration of travel in hopes of skipping the jet lag all together- fingers crossed 😉



Well, I managed to get about 4 hours of sleep last night (not too shabby), and I woke up feeling great and went down to check out the gym area and got in my final light lift before show day. A quick 30:00 light lift with 10:00 of cardio and I am done 🙂


Now to get the pre-show day shenanigans in order…. I will fill you in later!

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