It was back to the basics this morning for breakfast: Eggs, oatmeal and coffee.


Sister and I decided to head to the the gym for a workout. This was my first heavy lift session since my competition and it felt amazing!

Although todays training was considered a heavy session, my deadlifts were light in comparison to my previous PR’s, but as my caloric intake begins to increase, my lifts should show quick response. 

I always have people asking where I train when on vacation. Today I checked out a local gym, @fosterstraining that I have heard others rave about. This gym is by far the greatest training facility that this town has ever seen! For my Fort Payne and Rainsville followers that are looking for a place to bang weights, or need knowledgable coaching, this is the place! You guys know that a welcoming environment with certified coaching is of most importance in my book, and this facility is the epitome of both!!


For lunch: Peppers and turkey cooked in coconut oil, rice crackers, a pita sliced for dipping with salsa and spinach artichoke.

Mom, sis and I spent the afternoon bouncing around little local markets scoping out all of the wonderfully unique foods that I can’t find in Italy. I snagged some rice chips, Josephs pita bread (omg! In the past these were my obsession, and although they have gluten, I manage to have little to no flare ups, major plus), and I scooped up three varieties of sparkling water, which made my mama and sister gag :)) I guess Italy has definitely had that impact on me!


Back Seat Selfies 😛


My evening snack was egg whites topped with peanut butter and PB2, an apple, and a whole pita (not pictured because sister wanted to have a little taste test and left my plate beyond photo ready 😉 She was forgiven though for introducing me to this wonderful core cutting, apple slicer!! Seriously, how have I never seen this!!

Now, 7pm, I am piled up watching reruns of Sex and the City and calling it a night.

Happy Hump-Day!!

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