Good morning fit friends! 

A Sunday morning snap montage to get the day going. So I signed up with snapchat two days ago and have only sent out one snap, but I do think the filters are so much fun!!

Per usual, every morning begins with a cup of coffee and usually another two to three throughout the day. Im an addict, seriously.
Back home in Italy, I rotate among three to four coffee cup options because I have limited cabinet space, but this is not the case at my mamas house!
For those that have been asking what I put in my coffee…my first initial cup of the day I like to add a sprinkle of BPI’s Keto Bomb coffee creamer (careful for those who have a low fat intake), but all other cups I drink black and extremely strong 😉 For those that are looking for a virtually calorie free flavored option, a splash of 30 calorie almond milk and a single serving of stevia is perfect!

Breakfast this morning was an egg omelette filled with peppers and onions, topped with hot sauce.

The weather was perfect this morning, so I got in a lower body session on the porch. I kept it extremely light with higher reps to make certain that my back was in good shape, and it felt great. Tomorrow I should be back to heavier weight! (drinking bpi’s bcaas in fruit punch).

Can we seriously take a moment to adore my moms porch. She is such a Genevieve when it comes to decor. Her house exemplifies a Country Living magazine.

Off to church…

A green drink was consumed this evening before us girls took an evening stroll (2 miles).

My evening was spent working on programming and client check-ins.
It was a great day 🙂 #blessed

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