A new week means a fresh start for whatever it is that you continue to put off! 

Mama and I were in desperate need of some nail TLC, so we were determined to be the first in line to get our mittens manicured this morning. So almost immediately after waking, we were getting ready and out the door we went.

The nail salon that my mom uses stays insanely busy and they don’t take appointments. It is literally a first come, first serve service. When she told me that we needed to arrive 45 minutes prior to the salon opening, I giggled. I thought this was a joke! No, seriously, we got to the salon and people were already outside lining up!!! This is me sitting on the sidewalk after standing for a half hour  🙂 It was worth the wait!! Thanks Lilly and Bill for my freshly painted paws!


Todays lunch: peppers and ground turkey cooked in coconut oil and cucumber


Not even an hour later I was hungry again: Chocolate protein oats and coffee

I normally spend a majority of my Mondays completing client check ins, but that  took up a large part of my evening yesterday, so I got in some much needed quality conversation time with my mama. No matter what the topic, talking it over with your mom or just having her to listen is the best.

This evening we were watching Steve Harvey and a commercial showing a peanut butter and jelly sandwich came on. I realized how long it had been since I had a real peanut butter and jelly sandwich (not PB2 and sugar free jam). I made me one that was dripping with jelly and a side of kettle cooked chips. it was absolutely amazing! Well, it was until I realized that my macros were over at this point!


Mama, sister and I took it outside for 3 miles of cardio tonight and now I am piled up getting ready to watch an episode of Gilmore Girls and call it a night.

Tomorrow is my first double session training day since competition prep, and I am stoked and ready!!!

I hope you all had an amazing Monday!! 
If you failed to get it right today, tomorrow is a new day as well!!!! 

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