Halfway through the Week…

Hi y’all!! Well, here we are halfway through another week. My time here with my family seemed to be flying by, so I extended my stay even longer 😁 Now, I will be here in the states until mid September, so basically the entire summer. I will head back to Italy for the last month of Summer, which is absolutely the most perfect time of year.

Each day this week has began as usual, with coffee & cardio ☕️

Tuesday morning’s cardio was a run downtown. Even though it was only 5 miles, my calves felt like it was ten!!

My cramping legs let me know that I was a bit dehydrated, so Immediately after my run I mixed up a post-workout shake of coconut water and protein powder. Organic coconut water has over 700 mg of potassium per serving, so it is perfect following sweaty training sessions.



This morning, sister and I did one of her workouts. She likes to follow Shaun T and this morning we did Speed 4.0. It is different than my typical cardio sessions and I really enjoyed the mix up. Shaun will be part of our am routine over the next few weeks 😁

Throughout the last three weeks since my competition, I have introduced gluten back into my diet; unfortunately, even though within my macros, I often allowed for too much and I have been paying for it. Inflammation has been the major consequence which yields water retention, nerve pain and full body tenderness. So, I decided that I would enter this week with an 80% paleo approach and over the next few weeks, I will slowly integrate it once again (within reasonable rations). 



My clients have made me so proud posting their will and dedication to nutrition as well this week!! 😁😁😁 #proudcoach

And of course daily snap-montages with my mama are a must!!!!!

I hope you all have had an amazing week thus far and it continues throughout!! 
Take some time to count your blessings today ☀️

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